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Posted By: maeve
23-Jul-11 - 05:40 PM
Thread Name: Whatever happened to folksinger Lynn Gold
Subject: RE: Whatever happened to folksinger Lynn Gold
Drat. Sorry.

I'm surprised because the Lynn Gold in that link took part in "Saturday Night at the Coffee House" aka "A Night at the Ashgrove", recorded in 1958/59 (World Pacific WP 1254), which would seem to be within the right timeline. Here's what the notes saw about that Lynn Gold:

"Brooklyn-born LYNN GOLD, whose performances in Los Angeles coffeehouses and on FM and television have made her a local favorite, sings with warmth and feeling in many languages. Her QUIET LAND OF ERIN, a beautiful lament sung by Ireland's banished rebels, "The Wild Geese," includes portions in Gaelic. ORCHA BAMIDBAR, a song of the desert, is sung in Hebrew, while TINAFTO, the oldest song on the album, is sung partially in Greek. Lynn is accompanied vocally and instrumentally on ORCHA BAMIDBAR by Los Angeles and Israel folksinger Sol Gold, and on QUIET LAND and TINAFTO by Mr. Sandbag." (From this link.)

You know best for whom you are looking, however. Since I've drawn a blank, may I suggest you either post an non-private email address here (suitably disguised for spam-prevention) or some other contact point for Lynn to find when she returns?

If Ms. Gold returns here she might consider whether there is a contact information she is willing to leave here for you and others who have been hoping to make contact.

Good luck!