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25-Jul-11 - 02:14 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Ginny's Gone to Ohio/Ginny's Gone Away
Subject: RE: Origins: Ginny's Gone to Ohio/Ginny's Gone Away
Lyr. Add: Johnny Come Down With a Hilo

The poor old man he sick in bed.
He want somebody to 'noint his head.
Oh, Johnny come down with a hilo.
A poor old man.

With musical score, 4/4.
"Thus, long after the big sailing ships have put into Ilo, Chile, one can hear West Indians- men, women, or children- singing "Johnny Come Down to Hilo" while hauling a heavy cauldron from one yard to another; as a rowing song in the fishing operation; or, as on St. Vincent, to accompany the game of "pong finger" in which large stones or coconut husks are passed, rhythmically, around the ring of seated people, each person trying to "pong" (pound) the hand of the next."

Rodger D. Abrahams, 1974, Deep the Water, Shallow the Shore, American Folklore Society, University of Texas Press.