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Posted By: saulgoldie
25-Jul-11 - 04:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Right to carry' anyone?
Subject: RE: BS: 'Right to carry' anyone?
I remember reading an editorial or letter letter to the editor--many years ago; can you believe that this issue is still so hot?!!--which suggested that "there is no such thing as a toy gun." The author was a gun enthusiast. But he insisted that there should be factual and unequivocal gun safety training as part of public education, and that it should be emphatically impressed on the students that you don't point *anything* that even resembles a gun, including a finger, at anyone who you don't intend to kill to prevent harm to another.

I don't relish taking time out from other important educational initiatives, including sexual literacy, to focus on guns. But they are such a part of American life, that I think it is not unreasonable.