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Posted By: Cuilionn
07-Jul-98 - 03:58 AM
Thread Name: Tree songs? esp. Celtic?
Subject: RE: Tree songs? esp. Celtic?

Could ye get me any information on that Celtic Tree SOngs workshop at th' festival, or contact info for th' fellow whae tocht it? It sounds like a brilliant bit o' wairk, an' I'd dearly love tae get my hands on notes or a gatherin' o' th' music tae which he referred!

An' tae th' rest o' ye:

Ye've gi'en me a grand treasure here, an' plenty o' tunes tae fill in th' gaps o' my ain lairnin'. Th' songs ye suggestit are lovely... Tho' tae be sure I wasnae expectin' th' Lumberjack Song tae show up here at a'! Must hae been posted by some auld sap whae's oot on a limb...

Tapadh leibh, --Cuilionn