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Posted By: Little Hawk
15-Oct-00 - 11:29 PM
Thread Name: Limericks, anyone? Part 2 [6]
Subject: RE: BS: Limericks, anyone? Part 2
Hi, Fibula...

No, Jethro Tull is not boring. They're actually kind of interesting...pretty unique band, I'd say. I did have some friends who played them a bit too often back in the 70's and I got sort of tired of some of the songs, but I was just using them cos it made a rhyme that worked well.

We could all use a limerick tonight
About something witty and bright
Like the way that old Spaw
Responds tooth and claw
With his sharp and preciptious bite

For he pounces with rapturous glee
On each poem submitted by me
And responds with attacks
Quite regardless of facts
Which equate parts of me with a pea

It's a vile and insidious trait
Causing Catspaw to prattle and prate
He slanders my member
And questions my gender
It's really quite sad to relate

Now I sit here and plot my revenge
Upon this cruel slanderer of men
May his willy fall off
The next time he coughs
And maybe he'll be sorry then!


Not terrific...but what the's late and I'm tired. Go, Spaw, go!