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Posted By: Donuel
25-Jul-11 - 10:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Right to carry' anyone?
Subject: RE: BS: 'Right to carry' anyone?
Ludicrous, insidious, vile, demagoguery, part of the fabric of this society since it's beginning...

are the outrageous number of gun deaths in this country.

If I have had best friends murdered by indiscriminate gun "usage" then you should be honest and think how close gun violence has been in your life.

Then how about the people in your neighborhood that you do not know personally but have had their children killed by guns. I have known 2.

Then call us ludricous again for challenging our side of what you consider the time immemorial status quo.
If you do, I am afraid this honest appeal has fallen on a deaf heart.