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Posted By: Donuel
25-Jul-11 - 11:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Right to carry' anyone?
Subject: RE: BS: 'Right to carry' anyone?
If we were a rational society we could all have nuclear weapons for our own MAD purposes. (mutual assured destruction)
We would all behave respondsibly like gnu andthings would be fine.

We are not talking about you, or them, or the insane alone, we are talking about guns in society at large. You can;t split it up, and even when we try the NRA obstructs those efforts. The NRA is respondisible for not being allowed to have a national data base of firearms.

You can try to be a splitter, you can try being a lumper, but we are a nation of humans, and humans are not rational 100% of the time.

Removing absurd obstructions would go a long way to seeking the compromise you seek.