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Posted By: Uncle Jaque
16-Oct-00 - 12:15 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Angel Band
Subject: RE: Angel Band
My earliest example of "Angel Band" appears in a late 19th Century Hymnal as "The Land of Beulah" and is noted "As sung by the late Bishop MORRIS" , credited to "Rev. Jefferson HASCALL 1860 - Wm. BRADBURY, by per." . Written in "C", 6/8 time. I do it (on guitar) in "G", using mostly G/C/D with Am-G-Em-G over "...your snow-y wings..."; this is the tune still heard today, albiet frequently "modernized". I like it just fine the way it was written, thank'yu very much! I was just playing it for my Wife before checking into Mudcat on my steel-strung Yamaha (12-string with only 6 on board), but I love the way it sounds on the old gut-strung parlor guitar fingerpicked, as it would have been done back then. There is a lovely guitar rendition of it on the Ken Burns' "Civil War" PBS series soundtrack, by the way. I am in the habit of "speaking" the 3rd verse over the guitar acc. (a primitive form of "rap", i suppose)... "The Holy ones; behold; they come! Can't you hear...the noise... of wings?!" Quite effective. The modern "PC" singer might want to leave the patently "religious" 4th verse out... I do not. "Angel" remains one of my all-time favorites.