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Posted By: Barbara
16-Oct-00 - 01:23 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Out on the Rolling Sea (Joseph Spence)
Subject: Lyr Add: OUT ON THE ROLLING SEA (from J Spence)
Brendan, I have a different recording than yours. Mine includes Joseph, his sister Edith Spence Pinder, and her husband Raymond and daughter Geneva. The jacket says the song was recorded in a "backyard" session with Joseph and Edith trading verses.
Picking up where I left off,

Peter said, "I'm on the rolling sea, Peter take up your net
I'm on the rolling sea, Peter he [they most?] say
I'm on the rolling sea, Jesus speak unto me
An I said, I'm on the rolling sea when he come, (Oh, Peter)

The next verse is another jamming verse with JS singing the "rolling sea" counterpoint to Raymond's "we out on the rolling sea" and "Lord, Lord, Lord".

(Need a little more faith)

Rolling sea, All is said and done Before God you on the rolling sea
Let God hear your truth: truth is believe in God
Daniel God is a mighty Lord
I'm on the rolling sea when he comes.

(Oh, children) Rolling sea, ( JS first fast time rap here)
And I tell you about Jonah, Micah 's son,
and [gor-be-ton] as the one and not any one
oh not probably that was such a sad state,
I was on the oar[old?] waten-er-man gaze Oh!
And if he can, my body to Barbados as
On the rolling sea when he comes

Well, friends, I have the right number of sylables, and the right general sound for it, and I now open the floor for guesses as to what the words actually are, and what they mean.
For example, in the the third line, "as the" could be "Ezra", or another similar proper name. "That", "thought" "got" and "not" all sound similar.

This does not sound like even close to the same words you have, Brendan, tho "barbaree" may be "probably". I heard no "terrible" in this rap. There is another later, and I will tackle it later.
Is he singing with Louise on your recording?