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Posted By: Will Fly
26-Jul-11 - 12:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Where would you move to?
Subject: RE: BS: Where would you move to?
I've got a niece in Portland, Oregon and a sister in Tucson, Arizona. If I ever got the urge to move to the US, I suppose those might be choices. I've also heard that Vancouver is a great place to be.

My slight note of caution in my first reply to the thread was because I've known quite a few couples who moved to different places on retirement (mainly because they'd holidayed there at some stage and liked it) - only to find that the dream didn't come true for them for various reasons.

Mind you, getting involved in a local folk club or other musical activity can be a great way of putting down new roots quickly - and a lot depends on the sociability, gregariousness and adaptability of those moving. I'm very lucky where I am (in Sussex, UK) but I doubt that I'd find it easy to move here from elsewhere if I was starting again. It's not a cheap area, by any means.

Pint of decent beer in Sheffield (drunk several pints recently): £2.60
Pint of decent ber in my local: £3.30

That's one indicator of the cost of living... :-)