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Posted By: GUEST,mg
26-Jul-11 - 01:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Right to carry' anyone?
Subject: RE: BS: 'Right to carry' anyone?
Of course there should be strong regulations. And there will be accidents..especially with children getting hold of guns, no matter how well hidden...and sometimes a deranged gunman/woman will snatch a gun from someone..oh they have two guns...

And we have to weigh those risks, and take responsibility for our decisions either way..and without armed citizens we are sitting ducks for other armed citizens who will shoot some of us. Take responsibility if you have this opionion for approximately 50 Nowegian youth who could have probably been saved. I take responsibility for the fact that children will get hold of handguns and die. But I think it is a risk I have to take.

What we, as adults, do not get to do is to deny reality and refuse to take responsibility for whatever our decisions lead to. There are risks either way. Both are considerable. I will respect those who say I just can not take the risk of children getting into mom's weaponry drawer. But they have to realize what the other risks are. mg