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Posted By: Bobert
26-Jul-11 - 07:24 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Tea Party a Terrorist Organization??
Subject: RE: BS: The Tea Party a Terrorist Organization??
"Pre-conceived bullshit", GfinS... I have two college degrees which say that no matter what you think of my posting it is anything but "pre-conceived"... Not only that, I read one heck of a lot of actual newspapers and would more than happy to take you on in any judged debate or exam of knowledge of real world events, economics, history or even, since you Tea Partiers just love the Constitution, the Constitution itself... No notes... Just straight up knowledge...

That's the problem I have with you and Sawz and the rest of the Tea Party... You have bumper sticker solutions that the Koch brothers have stuffed in your head that aren't solutions at all... They are policies that will insure ***their*** success at gaming the system and they have no earthly interest in your well being... Or your families well being... You are being used as political cannon fodder, dupes and pawns by people who wouldn't give a second thought about you if they ran you over in the streets... You are Boss Hogs chattel... You are the new "porch Negroes" and you and your Tea Partiers are eat up with arrogance and complete ignorance...

Square business...