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Posted By: Songwronger
27-Jul-11 - 12:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: 'Right to carry' anyone?
Subject: RE: BS: 'Right to carry' anyone?
A couple of people asked about my reference to Operation Fast and Furious.

This is a big story. Some background --

In March of 2009 Hillary Clinton began talking about how American guns were being used by Mexican drug gangs. She said the guns were coming from gun shows in America.

In March and April of 2009 Obama picked up the chant. He said gun shows were bad because they allowed Mexican gang members to get hold of guns.

In April of 2009 U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder spoke in Cuernavaca, Mexico about Operation Gunrunner. He said the U.S. had lots of money to deal with the drug problem.

Operation Fast and Furious grew out of Operation Gunrunner. In Fast and Furious, U.S. agents were providing guns to Mexican gangsters so the agents could then "track" how the guns were used.

Then a U.S. officer got killed and the operation was exposed.

Mexico was furious because U.S. officials never consulted them about the gunrunning program.

And now investigations are being held in Washington. Just today a couple of government witnesses were threatened. They were told they had to limit their testimony. The official line is to be "We just fucked up again. We're such idiots."

But this wasn't a fuckup. This was an intentional violation of international law with a near certain knowledge that deaths would result. The conspiracy initiated by Clinton/Obama/Holder set up an expectation in the public mind that American guns were being used by Mexican drug gangs. Those guns were then supplied by Holder, possibly on orders from Obama.

This story is a thousand times bigger than Watergate. It's even bigger than Iran-Contra. 35,000 people have died violently along the U.S. / Mexican border since 2006. Drug related murders. The U.S. Department of Justice has been supplying guns to conduct those murders.

Eric Holder is now outright lying about the situation. He claims, for example, that he never said the things he did in the 2009 Cuernavaca speech. That's how desperate he is.

I voted for Obama but he lost my support long ago. He's begun FIVE new wars in the middle east, and he's fed guns to the Mexican drug cartels in the war that's raging on America's southern border.

American citizens have the right to carry weapons. We're born with that right. The U.S. Constitution just reminds us that no government can take away that right. That's especially important to know now, when the people in charge of our government are arming violent criminals who could turn those arms on us.