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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
27-Jul-11 - 10:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Tea Party a Terrorist Organization??
Subject: RE: BS: The Tea Party a Terrorist Organization??
Well From what I've seen, and experienced, you made a lot of unsubstantiated statements yourself...and all people are trying to do is to get you to back them up..any of them, but you just ignored the calls to provide any truth to your partisan rantings...which you still have not done...except about how your 90 year old mother re-acted, in her walker when she went to a Tea Party rally...and who knows if that was true or not..who knows??..its only what you allege! Don gets up and posts a bold face lie, and when asked numerous times to back it up and provide the link to the post, that he alleged that I said, he couldn't, or wouldn't do it, as well....and you say WHO is the terrorist organization??????
You're just two peas in a pod. So excuse me, if you gathered the re-action and reputation you WORKED at it!.. for me, I don't give a rat's ass.....but I got you two clocked!
Fair enough??....or should we get our knickers in a twist when the 'Republicans' or Tea Partiers preach should be immuned! fact, as far as it looks, I have to seriously question your sincerity about almost everything you say politically....Little Hawk, cut you a little slack, when he said he thought you had sincere intentions...but that is 'out the door'. How can you take pride and honor, by NOT taking a stand for truth???...and/or siding on the side of an old fart who, as you know, was lying through his teeth??? This is what you stand for??.....Don't even try pumping up your corrupt party affiliations. It's all out front now!!!
I'm not even offended, but rather, validated.
Sorry and disappointed about you sorry two!...but then, I knew it all along!...You guys just helped me confirm EXACTLY what needed to be confirmed.
Now, whenever you think you're making a point, all that is needed to blow you out of the water, is to refer back to this event!...being as you don't provide anything to back up what you spout off about, as well!
Have a pleasant evening...sociopaths do what they do, without any bug them about their actions...Don's hasn't for a LONG time!!!