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Posted By: Lox
30-Jul-11 - 02:30 PM
Thread Name: Perfect Pitch
Subject: RE: Perfect Pitch
To clarify this post:

"#1 We all already have perfect Pitch - most of us just don't have it in music."

It refers to research that was done which shows that if you record, for example, a child calling their mother, or vice versa, the pitch at which they intone "Mum" is extremely consistent.

It is possible to tarin your mind to recognize these pitches and to ascribe notational terms to them, but I don't see the value.

On the subject of Aspergers, it is interesting to note thatit has been kids with Aspergers who I have known to have perfect pitch, in so far as it can be defined as the ability to hear or reproduce a given pitch.

He used to tune everyones guitars according to equal temperament.

but it would drive him nuts if everyone was out, even if they were all out by the same amount and theirfore in with each other.

Definitely a curse!