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Posted By: andrew e
30-Jul-11 - 09:18 PM
Thread Name: Perfect Pitch
Subject: RE: Perfect Pitch
Well so far no one's tried it!

I'm talking about the ability to memorise notes permanently.
With no musical training if you had "perfect/absolute pitch", you would still be able to do this, but you wouldn't know the names of the notes. Doesn't matter if its A=416/440/445 or whatever.
I have [as most of us here do] good relative pitch. I direct four A Cappella choirs and only use an A=440 tuning fork at rehearsals. I can hear immediately when a singer is singing off pitch in relation to our starting notes.
I can have a good guess at finding a note. Sometimes it's right, sometimes a semitone or more out. If I started singing I may feel it was too high or low after a while.
I've never met anyone who has perfect/absolute pitch.