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Posted By: Bill D
31-Jul-11 - 01:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Right to carry' anyone?
Subject: RE: BS: 'Right to carry' anyone?
I shouldn't try again to say anything on this...but..

Someone asked back up there.. "Why does anyone NEED to have a gun?"

I am 72 and have never "needed one"....however I can remember a few times when IF I had one on me, I might have done something stupid.

I did HAVE one briefly...a longish-barrel Kansas, in about 1965-66. There were few rules, and I'll swear I don't remember where I got it. (it may have been from someone my ex-wife knew). I test fired it ONCE...way out in the desert.... the only time I ever fired a pistol, one of about 3-4 times I fired any weapon. (A .22 rifle a couple times..50 years ago) I loaned that .22 to a lady who had 'prowlers'... the prowlers broke in and stole the pistol! When it was recovered at a pawn shop, the police rules were that *I* would have to pay the pawn shop for his 'trouble' to get it back. (like...$25) I never bothered.

Now..."Why does anyone NEED to have a gun?" Well, some work in areas and in jobs where 'problems' sometimes occur. MOST of us do not.

The logic that says "...if I'm in McDonald's and some nut case comes in looking to kill, he won't get all of us." also says that anyone who is trained and HAS a weapon should carry it, and thus, anyone who is sane and competent should BE trained and that more McDonalds are safer. (bad logic? *grin*...think about it.)

I do agree with olddude that "Owning a handgun, well one better be highly trained. ", but there sure aren't many laws making that requirement. Sadly, there's little to keep even some "highly trained" from deciding to do something stupid...and THEY will be better at it. EASY ACCESS is the problem. I know we can't "ban guns".... but we could, if we wished, make it MUCH harder for the stupid, incompetent and dangerous ones to get weapons and ammo. Trouble is, guns are similar to cars.... did you ever hear anyone admit.."I am a bad-to-medicore driver."? ANYONE can steer a car, and anyone can pull a trigger....but it is easier to get a gun than a driver's licence.