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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
03-Aug-11 - 10:09 AM
Thread Name: Songs about Pipe Smoking
Subject: RE: Songs about Pipe Smoking
Mine own from 2007:

DANNY BOY (Smoking Ban, for Summer 2007)
(new words Nigel Parsons, Original words Fred E Wetherley)

Oh Danny boy, my pipe is just a token,
No more we see the fag, or the cigar
For far away our Parliament has spoken.
From this time on, "No smoking in the bar"
They'll seek us out, wherever we are smoking.
Within the pub there'll be no place to hide.
For everywhere, their noses they'll be poking.
So kindly watch my beer while I just pop outside!

Someday, maybe, when Parliament's more mellow.
And pubs install some more effective fans
The ceilings will no longer be all yellow.
And smoking men won't need to heed these bans
And on that day we'll join the other drinkers
Once more be free of all 'Health Lobby' hype
The 'Nanny State' will throw away their blinkers
And we can drink enjoying fag, cigar, or pipe.
.    Until that day, the view against us hardens.
.    We'll go outside, to smoke & drink our ale.
.    We'll frequent pubs possessed of beer gardens
.    And drink dark mild because we are 'beyond the pale'

Feel free to re-write words to 'personalise' it to any locality bringing in a smoking ban!