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Posted By: Gibb Sahib
05-Aug-11 - 01:10 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Pull Down Below (chantey)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Pull Down Below
Hi Charles,
Thanks, that great, and I do have Bob Walser's article so I was able to check it out.
...Now I'm more confused!

It does seem quite reasonable (likely, I'd say) that "Hieland Laddie" would be misheard as "Eagle Alley" when Carpenter transcribed it.

Who, then, made the connection (if it really was a connection) to "Hieland Laddie"? Carpenter (says Walser) did make the connection to the "Church and Chapel" song in Eckstorm and Smyth's book. Yet that text does not have *anything* indicated to be sung where either "Eagle alley" or "hielan laddie" or whatever would be sung.

My proposition is that someone looked to the song just above "Church and Chapel," in Eckstorm's book, and got the idea of "hielan laddie." Who was that? From radriano's notes to his album, he says that in Hugill's notes to Salty Fore Topman (1989) he says that the song was collected from the "Maritime states." Certainly this must be in reference to Eckstorm/Smyth.

However, in order to get the tune, he must have heard the Baldwin recording, no?