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Posted By: Waddon Pete
07-Aug-11 - 07:37 AM
Thread Name: Did they really do that?
Subject: RE: Did they really do that?
It is interesting isn't it. Some people seems to have no awareness of the world around them! At a recent outside event in our local town centre I was fascinated by three distinct types of passer-by.

There were those who tried to pretend there was nothing happening and carried on with whatever purposeful activity they were bent on, those who had children with them who would have loved to stop and take it all in, but had parents or carers who were intent on not letting them and those who took it all in and thoroughly enjoyed it!

If you are playing the accordion on a street corner and some-one comes up for a chat or wants to apologise for tripping over your accordion case, then you can engage them in converstaion....not so easy if you are singing!

I was very impressed with a couple of buskers at a shopping mall the other day. They had PA and were giving it their all, but when some-one threw a contribution into their hat said, "Thank you", without breaking a beat and melded it into the song.

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