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Posted By: saulgoldie
07-Aug-11 - 12:03 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: 22 Minutes From Town (Joe Glazer)
Subject: Lyr Add: 22 MINUTES FROM TOWN (Joe Glazer)
More revisited music. Don't know if some of you may have heard this. From the late, great Joe Glazer, musician and union organizer.

I got me a job in the government, down in Washington DC
Part of that bureaucratic life, starting out as a GS-3
They gave me a desk and an office, parttime secretary and a telephone
I planned to bring my wife and my children, as soon as I could find me a home

Well I checked all the ads in the paper, I was so eager to settle down,
I found one that tickled my fancy, it said just 22 minutes from town
It said a beautiful home in the suburbs, with trees and blue grass all around
The real estate man said you'll discover, it's only 22 minutes from town

Well he picked me up at the office, we sailed down Connecticut Avenue
When we hit the Chevy Chase Circle, I thought that home would soon be coming into view
But we drove past the Beltway, we kept rolling, another 12 miles or more
He said it was a suburb of Washington, it was a suburb of Baltimore

He said now look at that split level kitchen, and you've got at least an acre of ground
Man, you're practically in the heart of the city, exactly 22 minutes from town

Well I checked every home in that development, I checked across the street, I checked all around
And they all swore on a stack of holy bibles, that it was 22 minutes from town
Now some admitted that you had to have a system, if you wanted to avoid the rush
You had to leave a little earlier than usual or a little later to avoid the crush

So I leave at 3 oclock each morning, I sneak out without making a sound
And I reach the office bright and early, exactly 22 minutes to town
It's only 22 minutes from town, no more than 22 minutes from town.