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Posted By: Crowhugger
07-Aug-11 - 07:10 PM
Thread Name: Did they really do that?
Subject: RE: Did they really do that?
Yes it IS truly amazing! But apparently everyone wasn't taught to respect music to the same extent as speech, or they feel they're entitled to an exception. The woman mentioned in the OP would have interrupted conversation I'm sure!

As kids we weren't even allowed to interrupt recorded music--it was considered just as rude to interrupt someone's listening enjoyment as to interrupt a live performance or a person speaking.

But yes, there really ARE people who don't know that butting into a song is just another rude interruption, or they don't care. In fact, I had to teach my mother-in-law this etiquette. To this day she very likely believes that I'm the one with bad manners for (a) not answering her question, and (b) turning slightly more toward others in the room when she did it a second time. Fortunately no one else took up her attempt at conversation, they just shifted in their seats and looked uncomfortable. She backed off when my father-in-law finally shot her a look. Both times, when I finished, I addressed her warmly with something like, "You were asking something?"