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Posted By: Songwronger
07-Aug-11 - 08:02 PM
Thread Name: Film (movie) music
Subject: Film (movie) music
Have You Checked The DigiTrad or Forum for This Topic First?

Yes. I found a thread about John Ford's movie music, which was fascinating, but that's not what I wanted to comment on.

Some filmmaker said in an interview once that a movie is 40% music. I can't recall who it was, but he was one of Hollywood's bigwigs from way back. I don't know how he calculated the 40% figure either, but he did, and he also said that music is often used to engage the viewer in what would otherwise be pretty dull action.

I think he was on to something with that. I've seen some real tripe, scenes going nowhere and taking their time to get there, but then the "romantic" music or the "suspenseful" music starts and that draws me back into the story.

TV seems to really abuse the practice. I remember watching a show some time ago where the "good guys" were torturing, and during a break from their atrocity they had a romantic moment. I was disgusted by the torture and hated the characters just then, but along came the syrupy music and I felt that lump in my throat. Real manipulation.

Have any of you felt similarly manipulated? I know music is used to pick up the pace in action movies, and to elicit feelings in drama, and I've even heard it trying to punch up some pretty unfunny comedies.

Just thought I'd ask.

'ave a good one.