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Posted By: Little Hawk
08-Aug-11 - 12:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
A number of ancient spiritual traditions have asserted that this Earthly world and all we experience in it is akin to a shared effect, an illusion which seems very real while one is experiencing it...and that this reality is "dreamed" by the many spirit souls who project themselves into it through biological birth inside the "dream". Furthermore...that the real existence from which we come into this one is a world of Spirit where everything exists not apart and separated, but in a state of Unity.

The North American Indians in some cases had such a belief, and it is also expressed in a number of the great Asian traditions.

If it were so, we would have no way of knowing it while we were here...operating inside the illusion or the dream. We would have no way of proving it or disproving it either. But we might through intuition or soul memory suspect it.

It might be exactly what we chose to do when in Spirit. That is, I'm saying that it's quite possible that we deliberately chose to come here, be born to certain parents, and in a certain time and place, in order to play out a role in the collective dreaming...a role that in some way appealed to us or allowed us to confront challenges and opportunities that would help us grow, evolve, and develop further. Maybe we just did it because it looked like fun to play that role! Any of these things might be true.

In any case, once you are here inside this circumstance of Earthly existence, you must deal with the various limitations it places upon you. And that can be demanding, can't it? It can also be joyful. It depends on how you relate to the situations you're in.

Death, as we know it, is a departure from this world, the Matrix, the Game or the Dream. And then what? I suspect there is a great deal after death, and that death is merely the closing of the play, the curtain call, after which one gets going on the next thing one wishes to do. I don't think we ever really die...but we do close the curtain on this Earthly drama.