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08-Aug-11 - 12:24 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Dan Breen (and Sean Treacy)
Subject: Lyr Add: SEAN TREACY (Dominic Behan)
Ok, saw a note posted that it has a plaque and also the wording, with inaccurate spelling of Treacy as Tracey. But I have checked out Dominic Behan singing of the song posted on YouTube which I have transcribed with my own punctuation. The verse about the start of the fight is different but very curiously, the "SHOT THEM IN PAIRS" LINES ARE COMPLETELY ABSENT:

By Dominic Behan

Give me a Parabellum and a couple of hundred shells.
Lead me to the murder gang; we'll blow them all to hell.
For just today, I heard them say how Treacy met defeat.
Our lovely Séan is dead and gone, shot down in Talbot Street.

They took the front and they took the back; they were all around the place,
Waiting for the word "Attack" to set the house ablaze,
Yet how those English soldiers paled when out into the night,
Sean sent a stream of leaden hail, challenging them to fight.

"Come on", he cried. "Come show your hand. You have boasted for so long
How you would crush my lovely land with your army great and strong.
Come show this mettle which you say can make the whole world reel,
And ere there dawns another day, I'll show Tipperary steel!"

He fought them all as best he could, outnumbered ten to one.
He spilt a bath of English blood before his race was run.
"No surrender" was his cry, and ever "no retreat",
Said Treacy brave, before he died, shot down in Talbot Street.

We need to find a published reference which can be verified as by Dominic to solve the puzzle of these lines (which, as I thought and as commented by at least one another, seems to refer to the Drumcondra Fight)