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Posted By: Songwronger
10-Aug-11 - 06:51 PM
Thread Name: Film (movie) music
Subject: RE: Film (movie) music
Of the older guys, I always like Waxman, Steiner and Bernard Herrmann's soundtracks. Howard Shore's probably my favorite living composer of film music (Cronenbergs' movies, lots of others).

Just looked up a song from a movie called A Perfect World. Starred Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood, Laura Dern.

BIG FRAN'S BABY Playing Time: 2:27


"This rendition is quite eerie and sounds as if it was recorded 50
years ago, yet it was composed in 1993 by Eastwood for this film."

The song's used in a scene where the Costner character breaks into the house of an older couple and plays a 78 rpm record on a gramophone. A Cajun tune (a waltz, if memory serves). Costner's character dances with the woman of the house while the song plays, and he's so crazy that you wonder if he's going to kill her when it ends. The song goes from sounding wistful to ominous.

That piece may have been woven into the film's orchestration, but I can't recall. Very effective use of music though.