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Posted By: GUEST,999
14-Aug-11 - 03:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: Idiots in the USA
Subject: RE: BS: Idiots in the USA
Does anyone really think that if Bachmann does get the nomination that voters in the general election would vote for her? Some states in the US have binding votes in primaries, but primaries are just that. They are primaries--and party specific. Does anyone really think Bachmann is a threat to Obama? The woman is an idiot with some cash behind her. Good that this happens now because it will be necessary for the Dems to have a good loom at the state of the nation and the relative anger that is out there with some Republicans. There is an equal amount of anger out there with democrats. Paul received almost an equal number of votes as Bachmann. Please don't say the sky is falling, because it ain't. IMO.