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Posted By: josepp
14-Aug-11 - 10:53 AM
Thread Name: BS: Idiots in the USA
Subject: RE: BS: Idiots in the USA
Primary and straw voters are not an intelligent lot. Back in the '08 election, a lot of the republicans in oline forums were bragging about how they voted for Obama--the reason being that there was no way a black man could get elected and so they were taking away votes from Hillary Clinton thereby increasing McCain's chances. Others told them that Obama in all likelihood would win the nomination and the election but were laughed at and mocked.   I think part of their utter hatred of Obama is that they helped elect him and they can't live it down.

So don't mind the preliminaries. Besides, Bachmann getting the nod is the worst thing that could happen to them. But you can't tell them that either. Hell, some are even telling me that they'll be having the last laugh when everybody has to say "President Palin" after 2012. Yes, really!