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18-Aug-11 - 12:28 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Bread and Gravy
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Bread and Gravy
My mother (born in South Carolina in 1926) sang this song to us when we were children and said her family sang it to her when she was a child. Taught my daughter and will now pass along to my grandkids.

We've traveled this country all over
And stopped at the best of hotels
Some were good, some were bad, some were rotten
Some were as rotten as hell
The last one we stopped at was a knockout
So neat, so clean, so fine
But you'll wonder how we were able to live
When you hear what they gave us to eat

On Monday we had bread and gravy
On Tuesday was gravy and bread
On Wednesday and Thursday was gravy and toast
Which is nothing but gravy and bread
On Friday I went to the landlord….
Please sir, give us something else
So on Saturday morn, but way of a change,
We had gravy without any bread!