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Posted By: Lynn Gold
18-Aug-11 - 03:59 AM
Thread Name: Whatever happened to folksinger Lynn Gold
Subject: RE: Whatever happened to folksinger Lynn Gold
The clip on YouTube with Will, Judy and I is from a CBS News program honoring President Kennedy, narrated by Robert Preston and written by Mark Van Doren with among others, Odetta, The Clancy Brothers, Josh White and the American Ballet Company. It was at the height of the struggle and Odetta's singing of Oh Freedom that night was haunting and fact at rehearsal (just a quick run through sitting on rickety chairs in someone's office before the show) it was sung by her with so much emotion and so beautifully, everyone spontaneously broke into applause, stagehands, staff,and all the other performers. The Clancy Brothers sang No Irish Need Apply which tickled Kennedy whose shown grinning...they lit up the place as only they could and its one of their best performances captured on film. I've a copy of the show and sent off copies to Odetta and Judy several years ago but am told only way to get it now legally is to purchase it. Someone said the Clancy clip is on Yahoo somewhere.
Re the other recording done by Life, would love to hear it again, perhaps get a copy of it. The info on the album cover might be helpful in tracking it down if it is out of print. If you have any sources or info would appreciate knowing.   
Re Ed Pearl and the Grove, there are many concerts given throughout that area by him last I heard. It would be so great to have back all the music, poetry, theatre, etc, again. When the Ash Grove first opened, a gifted director, Walter Brough, directed a musical play called A Part of the Blues which was a compilation of Langston Hughes poetry and writing. On the opening night, sitting there, we heard someone chuckling softly, and it was Langston Hughes.
So much of Americana came through that place and I'm glad its being honored now. It was a labor of love. Also, if anyone has any memories or stories about the Grove, let Ed Pearl know (Ash Grove site) as several people are doing books, films, and the like and it would be really helpful.
Was also wondering what irish tape mentioned there one?
Will leave my e-mail address soon.
Bye for now.