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Posted By: Uncle Jaque
17-Oct-00 - 12:37 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Angel Band
Subject: RE: Angel Band
I love that poem on Folknik; it brings back fond memories of those precious nights at Ken Vinyard's old place up in Crystal, NH nearly 35 years ago, when I'd sling the old Sears & Sawbuck banjo over my shouder and ride my Benelli motorcycle up from my home in Randolph. One fella used to arrive from Boston on a 500 Vellocette single-cylender (now there's a REAL motorcycle!) with his banjo in the sidecar, and he was VERY good. I can't remember names, but folks would show up from all over New England, some of whom were "Pros" and had LPs out. I spent most of the session with banjo in lap, jaw hanging open in rapture and awe as the wine, cheeze, and songs went 'round 'till the wee hours. Ken, Marie and family were among the loveliest people it has ever been my blessing to have associated with, and I miss them yet. That mention of the tradition of singing around the deathbed of a loved one touched my heart; I can hardly think of a better way to go! One of my favorite pieces of classical music is R. WAGNER's "Ride of the Valkyeries", and I have requested that it be played good and loud at my wake / funeral when the time comes. Although it has been unfortunately associated with Teutonic Paganisim and later the Nazi regime (I understand that it was one of der "feurer"'s favorites as well), I have mentally / emotionally "Christianized" it, and envision Angellic "Walkyerie" swooping down at the Rapture, perhaps in the form of huge, magnificent, brilliantly white eagles (Rapture / Raptor) snatching the Children of Grace up gently but firmly in mighty golden talons, winging us up through cloven skies to Home Everlasting. Contemplating propsal thread for Old-Thyme Gospel HearMe night; stay tuned!