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Posted By: Joe Offer
19-Aug-11 - 03:15 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Let Union Be In All Our Hearts - Grange?
Subject: ADD: Slavish Trade of Drinking
Oh, lookee here (click):


Come, my lads, and let's be merry,
    Take a glass, and not to many,
For fear it should your ruin prove—
    Beware of what you're doing.
For drinking is a slavish trade,
And many a beggar it has made ?
Yes, thousands in the grave are laid,
    All by the sway of drinking.
        Fal lal de ral, &c.

If you go to the Ale-house for to drink,
They'll hand you a chair with a compliment
And kindly ask you how do you do—
    You think that is rare doing:
But when all your money's gone,
Into the streets they will you turn;
Then you must either starve or steal,
    All by the sway of drinking.
        Fal lal de ral, &c.

O keep from swearing and from fighting,
Evil speaking and back-biting;
All such as this take no delight in,
    Whilst you do make merry:
For when you drink your money goes,
And when you're drunk you pawn your clothes,
Then like a fool yourself expose,
    All by the sway of drinking.
        Fal lal de ral, &c.

Sage Solomon, in all his glory,
Tells you quite a different story,
We ought to sing in the praise of glory,
    Whilst we do make merry:
But as we're all met here to day,
Let's drink and drive dull care away;
And each be happy while he may—
    Let's all drink and be merry.
        Fal lal de ral, &c.

Bodleian Ballads Catalogue: Harding B 11(3545)

Printer: Stephenson (Gateshead)
Date: between 1821 and 1850
Imprint: Stephenson, Printer
Illus. Ballads on sheet: 2
Note: Printed on blue paper.

Note that the original text has a couple of errors - I've put them in bold.