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Posted By: Dick Wisan (
08-Nov-96 - 09:00 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: National Embalming School
Subject: National Embalming School
I'm looking for an old camp song, ostensibly the Alma Mater of the "National Embalming School". The tune is a mishmash of tunes, and I can give the following snatches from it:

For thee we live, for thee we die, [tune: Tannenbaum National Embalming School aka "Maryland My Maryland"]

Take off his shoes and put him on the table [Toreador [Something-or-other] if you are able, song from Carmen] Oh, what an awful stench; [Can't remember which The body's out of season. opera it is this tune Drag out the glass jars [bis] came from] We've got to pickle him.

Anybody got the rest?