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Posted By: M. Ted (inactive)
17-Oct-00 - 05:43 PM
Thread Name: Theory questions that make me nuts--
Subject: Theory questions that make me nuts--
Someone recently nominated me to be the resident music theory expert, since I tend to jump in anytime there is a question related to theory--(of course I jump into other things as well, but my comments on music theory are usually useful) I am going to take advantage of this dubious and probably underserved honor to air a couple complaints I have--

First--People ask questions like "What is this chord" or "what is this kind of chord", when they really don't want a musical analysis(and usually don't understand the discussion that they start anyway) when they really are having a problem figuring out what chord to play at a given place in a song (several of you are guilty of this--I won't mention names, but read what comes next carefully!!)

Don't ask a music theory question--name the song, post the chords that you have, and let us know which ones are giving you the problem--

Second Complaint--Posting chords above the words does not tell people where the measures begin and end, and makes it very hard to count these songs out and play them--best way to post them is to make some sort of designation that shows chords and measures--the general way is to use one slash mark for each measure /DD/AA/GG/DD and to allow two chords two the 4/4 measure(one for the "One and Two and" one for "Three and Four and", even when both chords are the same. You can do this, even if you have pasted the chords above the words-- simply stick slash mark in at the end of each measure-just make sure you have enough slash marks for every measure in the song(even if you only put one chord in, people will know to play it for a full measure)

Third Complaint--People who post stuff that they got from those stupid chord finder programs--If you don't know the answer to a music or chord question, and you can't play the song, your answer is just going to confuse someone who is already lost--

Fourth, not exactly a complaint, but--remember that this forum (or any internet forum) is not a substitute for music lessons--It is very hard to write out all the information that one needs to play a song, and even then, you would have to learn how to turn what was written out into a playable piece--TAB only works when you use it to follow a recording, since there is seldom anything in the way of metric notation--at any rate, this stuff is not self-explanatory, it needs a lot of work, and a fair amount of musical knowledge to get it--If you are a beginner, or you are trying to learn a new style of music, or a new instrument. and especially if you are self-taught, don't expect that your problems can all be solved with a discussion thread--