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Posted By: MGM·Lion
25-Aug-11 - 06:25 AM
Thread Name: Ballad metre
Subject: RE: Ballad metre
Re your last post, Roberto: stylistic characteristics, such as metre, might occasionally indicate a possible identification {"this might be a ballad because it goes 4 3 4 3 which quite a lot of ballads do, though by no means all"}; but can hardly be in any way *definitive* when shared with so many other forms ~~ many songs and verses which are not recognisably ballads by any *definition* will also have this metre.

It's a matter of converses being unreliable ~~~~

   ···All dogs are mammals ~
      but by no means all mammals are dogs···

So too many poems/songs with a 4 3 4 3 metre are ballads; but the converse is not the case; by no means all 4 3 4 3 verses are ballads.

So I fear your quest for a ===definition=== of balladry based on metre might turn out to be somewhat chimerical.