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Posted By: GUEST,Gordon Haskell
28-Aug-11 - 03:49 AM
Thread Name: Whatever happened to Gordon Haskell?
Subject: RE: Whatever happened to Gordon Haskell?
The Last Word Department.
The Gangsters or Banksters as they have been nicknamed have an agenda. They control the media and The White House and The British Government-left and right.. They intend transferring all the wealth to a power elite who they represent. And enslave us all. They were behind the Twin Towers 9/11 atrocity. There are so many examples of the way they work . They evicted all the inhabitants of the Chagos Islands to build a USAF base. They backed dictators like PolPot. They invented the Vietnam War, the invasion of Iraq, and most wars in my lifetime and before. They backed Hitler. They have been responsible and directly linked to mass slaughter in all continents, too many to list here. Henry Kissinger who bombed Cambodia killing millions, used the same phrase as Ian Brown used all the time. He used to throw his hands up into the air and laugh and say 'I don't care'. Ian will be right at home when the UK is looking for Nazi SS officers to keep everyone under control. It's a psychological type of human being and they are easily bought. Even the Church of England has 9 million in News International and have been silenced. And the Intelligent Agencies run the drug world. Everyone gets bought. They couldn't buy Kennedy, Martin Luther King,John Lennon,Dr Kelly or Princess Diana. Those who resist get destroyed. They hate artists as artists tell the truth and real artists try to illuminate. That's why Hitler burned all the books, arrested all the writers and shot them. Real Artists aren't into money or fame. They are not against those things but when forced to keep quiet, and their words are continually edited by the mainstream media like the BBC, art cannot breathe. And artists are left with 2 choices.Either die or seek another path. . That is exactly what happened to Gordon Haskell.
As you asked.