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Posted By: Marje
31-Aug-11 - 04:46 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: How many tunes can be remembered?
Subject: RE: Folklore: How many tunes can be remembered?
I can play a hundred or more tunes and could play a great many more if the occasion arose, no problem. As Artful Codger says above, there are so many tunes we just absorb - hymns, classical melodies, popular songs, etc. I'm not saying I play them all well, but I could play them well enough for them to be recognised.

My singing repertoire is much smaller, not because of the tunes (which I almost never forget) but because of the words. There are at least 50 decent songs I could sing from memory right now, and probably antoher 50 that I rarely or never sing but do know well. Then there are a further 50 or 100 that are half-learned or half-forgotten but which I could soon lick into shape if I wanted to sing them tonight. But it's the words that I'd have to revise, not the tunes.