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Posted By: Vixen
02-Sep-11 - 10:48 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Recording questions
Subject: Tech: Recording questions
Hi Mudcats!

I'ven't posted in ages, but I'm still lurking around the edges...

Reynaud and I have recorded a number of tunes on our digital recorder in .WAV format. We have relatives who want some of these tunes on a CD. If the files sound good enough, we might do an EP for sale at the Ren Faire.

Here's the questions:
1) what audio file editor(s) do you recommend?

2) what file format is most likely to play on the most CD players and sound the best?

3) any other advice you can offer is appreciated

I'm hoping to get started this weekend, if at all possible.

Many thanks,

PS I can do Mac or PC; OSX and XP and Win7