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Posted By: LR Mole
18-Oct-00 - 02:59 PM
Thread Name: Jim Kweskin of jugband fame.:
Subject: RE: Jim Kweskin of jugband fame.:
Back again. Finn, here are the other two verses of Jug Band Music: I was floatin' in the ocean greased in suntan lotion when I got wiped out by a Beach Boy/ He was surfin' when he hit me but jumped off his board to get me and he dragged me by the armpits like a child's toy/ And we staggered into land with all the waiters eatin' sandwiches and tried to mooch a towel from the hoi-polloi/And the doctor... So if you ever get sickly, get Sis to run quickly to the dusty closet shelf/And pull down a washboard and play a guitar a guitar chord and do a little do- it- yourself/Call on your neighbors to put down their labors, and come and play the hardware in time/ 'Cause the doctor said give him jug band music; it seems to make him feel just fine. I recall this credited to John B. Sebastian. One more foggy question: didn't Kweskin beat the snot out of a reporter from Rolling Stone a few years ago?