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Posted By: Max Tone
18-Oct-00 - 05:18 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Willie McBride parody - new chorus
Subject: Willie McBride parody - new chorus
My first time with line breaks, so I'll stick to four lines. Here's a chorus for Crawford Howard and Fintan Valaly's "No Man's Land (3)", in the DT. I'll try blue clickies next time!
(copyright Rob Maxtone Graham, 1999)

Did he murder the melody, was his timing all shoddy?
Did he gargle his pint, as his voice droned on down?
Did he sing the wrong words to the chorus?
Did he wail out of tune, and slurrring.......?

A mate of Crawford's has also done a similar piss-take of "Fields of Athenry". I can only remember the second half of the chorus, but I'll dig out my copy and type them up, if any body's interested.
....."Like a dug wi'oot a bone, he howled doon yon microphone,
As he murdered the fields of Athenry.

Translations o' the above, fer sassenachs, if required!