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Posted By: Jim Dixon
15-Sep-11 - 06:55 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Down in Black Bottom
Subject: Lyr Add: DOWN IN BLACK BOTTOM (Bert Hatton)
As sung by Bert "Snake Root" Hatton
From the album "St. Louis 1927-1933" (Document DOCD-5181)

Ah, down in Black Bottom! Ah, Black Bottom!

There's a place called Black Bottom where the chilly winds don't blow,
Where the men hustle women with plenty of dough.
It's down in Black Bottom where they eat fried food.
I'm goin' back to Black Bottom where the pickin'(?) times is good.

You get your rides from the pony, get your milk from the cow,
Your pig meat from the piggie, your pork from the sow,
But down in Black Bottom, that stony lonesome town,
They drink their Michigan water and ...(?) brown.

I claim half o' you women round here ought to be dead.
You run around in town with your old stale bread,
But down in Black Bottom they rock you in a big brass bed.
They rock the chilly(?) papa till he turns cherry red.

I'm goin' back to Black Bottom on a cannonball,
Back down in Black Bottom, and that ain't no stall.
Ah, down in Black Bottom, easy riders don't have to work.
They got a reputation on the tail of their shirt.

Ah, that Black Bottom! Ah, Black Bottom!