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Posted By: Sorcha
18-Oct-00 - 11:06 PM
Thread Name: Theory questions that make me nuts--
Subject: RE: Theory questions that make me nuts--
Well, ya know Ted, that some people just don't get the connection between math and theory. Or between math and logic. Or between logic and theory. I have a lot of trouble with math, but very little with either theory or logic. It doesn't do any good to get upset with people who don't get one or the other, you just have to try and find a new way to explain it.

I was told once that music is nothing except a combination of math and physics..........seems to me to true for the most part, except for the "from the heart" part.

Patience is a virtue, and I STILL don't understand either algebra or physics............but I can play music, and get people to enjoy it. Isn't that the most important part, even if a chord is wrong now and then?