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Posted By: IvanB
19-Oct-00 - 12:35 AM
Thread Name: Theory questions that make me nuts--
Subject: RE: Theory questions that make me nuts--
M. Ted, I, also, tend to think you are being a tad harsh, especially since much of your harshness (in this thread at least) seems to be directed at Mary in Kentucky. You take great delight in shooting her down on the key of Db, since it's listed in your very authoritative source as being in Eb. But, in the thread in question she stated that she was transposing from a MIDI. Having loaded that MIDI into NoteWorthy, I came up with a file that had a key of 5 sharps - seemingly, B major. But the tune tended to modulate several times and the first rendition of the melody certainly had a tonal center of c#, making C# dorian a more likely key. So Mary's choice of Db would appear logical, especially given that she was using different software which may have put the key signature in Db.