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Posted By: M. Ted (inactive)
19-Oct-00 - 02:03 AM
Thread Name: Theory questions that make me nuts--
Subject: RE: Theory questions that make me nuts--
Well IvanB, my source is "authoritative" to the degree that it was published by the publisher who was authorized to do so by the owner of the copyright on the music. This MIDI file comes from who knows where, and could have been actually played in a different key, then transposed, either by the file creator or by someone else----But my comment was really aimed at the idea that Db is a fairly peculiar chord for folk arrangements--

To that point,show tunes and standards tend to be written in Eb more often that Db--

I will point out that, by your own analysis, whatever key signature your Noteworthy program showed, the tonal center was C#, which is the fundamental in the key of Db--

Marion, your thread was perfectly fine--I remember it well, since I ended up learning about three different ways of playing the tune during all the discussions. My recollection is that your printed arrangement showed a suspended fourth chord for all of a measure, when there should have been a major chord there for part of the measure--