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20-Sep-11 - 01:09 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Old Maid and the Burglar
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: The Old Maid and the Burglar
The basic story was certainly being sung around 1900-1910. My grandparents used to sing a parody on the popular song 'My own Bluebell' c1904 in which each of the 3 independent verses tells a different joke based on something named 'Bluebell' In the first verse the language is bluer than Bluebell, in the second Bluebell is a racehorse, but in the last verse....well here it is...

One night I went out burgling,
I entered a house at dark,
And when I got to Bluebell's room
I fairly got a start;
For she had a loaded pistol
And placed it against my head,
She said, 'Marry me or I'll fire.'
So I looked at her face and said,
    'Goodbye old Bluebell,
    Farewell, adieu,
    I've seen better faces
    On the monkeys in the zoo.
    When I first saw you
    I thought you was a beaut,
    But if that's your face it's a darned disgrace,
    And for the Lord's sake shoot!'

Another feature of the song in question is the 'false-parts' theme in which the female takes off a whole catalogue of falsies. This dates back to at least the 17th century. I have about a dozen songs spanning the 3 cenuries plus that utilise the theme.