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Thread Name: Utah Phillips: Loafer's Glory Radio Show
Subject: Loafer's Glory: Programs 11 - 20
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 1-11 Radicalism1PoemResurrectionWendell BerryUtah Phillips0:351:050:30
LG 1-11 Radicalism2StoryMother was a Model/Trains in ClevelandUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips3:155:101:55
LG 1-11 Radicalism3SongTrain Calling/ Daddy What's a TrainUnknown / Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips5:1011:004:50
LG 1-11 Radicalism4StoryWabash Cannonball's Last RunUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips11:3015:003:30
LG 1-11 Radicalism5SongWabash CannonballRoy Acuff/ TrampsUtah Phillips15:0017:302:30
LG 1-11 Radicalism6SongCannonball's Final RunUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips17:3020:002:30
LG 1-11 Radicalism7StoryRiding on the TrainsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips20:0022:302:30
LG 1-11 Radicalism8SongFrisco RoadUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips22:3027:00:004:30
LG 1-11 Radicalism9StoryRailroad TalesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips27:00:0029:15:002:15
LG 1-11 Radicalism10StoryWeepyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips29:15:0030:00:000:45
LG 1-11 Radicalism11SongWeepy Doesn't KnowUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips30:00:0032:20:002:20
LG 1-11 Radicalism12Station BreakKenny Hall32:20:0033:40:001:20
LG 1-11 Radicalism13StoryToughest Man / Dakota Sid CliffordUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips34:20:0038:20:004:00
LG 1-11 Radicalism14PoemLearningUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips38:20:0040:20:002:00
LG 1-11 Radicalism15SongTrooper's LamentUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips40:20:0042:40:002:20
LG 1-11 Radicalism16StoryAmmon Hennacy and Joe Hill HouseUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips42:40:0045:00:002:20
LG 1-11 Radicalism17SongI've Got To KnowWoody GuthrieUtah Phillips45:00:0048:35:003:35
LG 1-11 Radicalism18SongLarrimer StreetUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips48:35:0052:20:003:45
LG 1-11 Radicalism19SongDanville GirlTraditionalSpider John Koerner52:20:0055:15:002:55
LG 1-11 Radicalism20PoemWhat Then?Stephen CraneSpider John Koerner55:15:0056:20:001:05
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 1-12 Musical Stew1PoemWolvesLois MacNieceUtah Phillips0:301:200:50
LG 1-12 Musical Stew2StoryBob & Doy DeWittUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips1:503:401:50
LG 1-12 Musical Stew3StoryHoratio Q. Birdwhistle & Spike JonesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips3:405:151:35
LG 1-12 Musical Stew4SongCocktails For TwoArthur Johnson & Sam CoslowSpike Jones5:158:353:20
LG 1-12 Musical Stew5SongPlaying My Bagpipe???Alexander Ilich Eppler on balalaika9:3012:152:45
LG 1-12 Musical Stew6StoryThe Phantom PoleUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips12:3016:304:00
LG 1-12 Musical Stew7SongPolish Song & BagpipesTraditionalRick Palieri16:3017:451:15
LG 1-12 Musical Stew8StoryHitchhiking to IonaUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips17:4520:052:40
LG 1-12 Musical Stew9SongLament for Duncan MacRae of KintailTraditionalJohn Burgess20:0521:201:15
LG 1-12 Musical Stew10CommentThe Northumbrian PipesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips21:5523:352:00
LG 1-12 Musical Stew11SongGillian the Drover & The Hezerside (?)ReelTraditionalAlisdair Anderson on small pipes 23:3524:20:000:45
LG 1-12 Musical Stew12SongSourwood MountainTraditionalLarry Hanks on jawharp & Laura Smith24:30:0026:35:002:05
LG 1-12 Musical Stew13Station BreakKenny Hall26:35:0028:15:001:40
LG 1-12 Musical Stew14StoryThe Musical SawUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips28:30:0029:55:001:25
LG 1-12 Musical Stew15SongMelancholy BabyErnie Burnett & George A. NortonTom Scribner29:55:0031:55:002:00
LG 1-12 Musical Stew16SongThe Rising of the LarkElizabeth Grant (1745-1814)Roy Thorson31:55:0035:00:003:05
LG 1-12 Musical Stew17StoryThe YodelUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips35:00:0037:50:002:50
LG 1-12 Musical Stew18songAlpenhorn, Yodel, & CowbellsField Recordings???37:50:0039:40:001:50
LG 1-12 Musical Stew19songChime BellsBob MillerElton Britt39:40:0042:05:002:25
LG 1-12 Musical Stew20storySoundsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips42:30:0043:40:001:10
LG 1-12 Musical Stew21songSong of My HandsErnie LiebermanErnie Lieberman43:40:0046:05:002:45
LG 1-12 Musical Stew22StoryDepartment Store SoundsUnknownUnknown46:05:0047:25:001:20
LG 1-12 Musical Stew23SongBeetlebombSpike JonesSpike Jones / Doodles Weaver47:25:0050:35:003:10
LG 1-12 Musical Stew24SongIssa leiIsland of FijiGirls' School of Sawani50:35:0054:20:003:45
LG 1-12 Musical Stew25PoemWith too much thinking...Rabindranath TagoreUtah Phillips55:05:0055:35:000:30
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 1-13 Black History Month1PoemRhythm BluesAmiri BarakaAmiri Baraka0:250:500:25
LG 1-13 Black History Month2StoryJet Sampson and Bessie JonesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:003:101:10
LG 1-13 Black History Month3SongDraw Me a Bucket / JubaTraditionalBessie Jones and children3:104:501:40
LG 1-13 Black History Month4StoryGandy Dancers at Carnegie HallUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips5:106:401:30
LG 1-13 Black History Month5SongTracklining songsTraditionalThe Georgia Gandys6:408:552:15
LG 1-13 Black History Month6StoryJoe LouisUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips8:5510:251:30
LG 1-13 Black History Month7StoryListening to Joe Louis on the radioArthur SlaterArthur Slater10:2511:501:25
LG 1-13 Black History Month8StoryThe Louis Schmeling FightRadio Broadcast???11:5013:251:35
LG 1-13 Black History Month9StoryRent parties: Martin, Bogan, & ArmstrongUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips12:5014:502:00
LG 1-13 Black History Month10SongLet's Have a PartyMartin, Bogan, & ArmstrongMartin, Bogan, & Armstrong14:5016:001:10
LG 1-13 Black History Month11CommentMalcolm X and racismUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips16:0017:401:40
LG 1-13 Black History Month12CommentMalcolm X's last speechMalcolm XMalcolm X17:4020:202:40
LG 1-13 Black History Month13StoryThe Folklife FestivalUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips20:2021:501:30
LG 1-13 Black History Month14SongGoing into AngolaRobert Pete WilliamsRobert Pete Williams21:5023:151:25
LG 1-13 Black History Month15CommentMumia Abu Jamal: My FatherAllen Ginsberg and ??Mumia Abu Jamal23:1529:15:006:00
LG 1-13 Black History Month16SongYour Children Are Not Your ChildrenKhalil GibranSweet Honey in the Rock29:15:0031:20:002:05
LG 1-13 Black History Month17Station BreakKenny Hall31:20:0033:10:001:50
LG 1-13 Black History Month18StoryThe Rosenbergs, their sons, and Abel MirapolUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips33:10:0035:00:001:50
LG 1-13 Black History Month19PoemWarning: Verboten / GhettoAbel Mirapol (Lewis Allen)Utah Phillips35:00:0036:10:001:10
LG 1-13 Black History Month20SongStrange FruitLewis AllenBillie Holiday36:10:0039:30:003:20
LG 1-13 Black History Month21StoryLouis Farrakhan review NY Times 1993Bernard HollandUtah Phillips39:30:0042:30:003:00
LG 1-13 Black History Month22CommentMartin Luther King Jr. as a PacifistUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips42:30:0045:30:003:00
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 1-14 Cowboys1Poem"Say, mate, have ye spotted a schooner..."James Grafton RogersUtah Phillips0:301:070:37
LG 1-14 Cowboys2CommentThe Cowboy Image and the Labor MovementUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:504:301:40
LG 1-14 Cowboys3SongThe Telling Takes Me HomeUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips4:307:052:35
LG 1-14 Cowboys4StoryOld DoloresUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips7:059:302:25
LG 1-14 Cowboys5SongOld DoloresJames Grafton RogersUtah Phillips9:3011:252:55
LG 1-14 Cowboys6StoryOliver Loving's OuthouseUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips11:2514:453:20
LG 1-14 Cowboys7SongThe Trusty LariatHaywire Mac McClintockHaywire Mac McClintock15:1018:153:05
LG 1-14 Cowboys8StoryBig Bill Haywood and the Cowboys' UnionUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips18:1519:551:40
LG 1-14 Cowboys9SongCowboy Union Song / Austin NelsonBob BossunBob Bossun19:5524:30:004:45
LG 1-14 Cowboys10StoryThe Great Tascosa StrikeUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips24:30:0026:50:002:20
LG 1-14 Cowboys11SongThe Death of Mother JonesUnknownGene Autry26:50:0029:25:002:35
LG 1-14 Cowboys12Station BreakKenny Hall29:25:0031:00:001:35
LG 1-14 Cowboys13StoryBuck Ramsey Utah Phillips Utah Phillips31:00:0032:35:001:35
LG 1-14 Cowboys14PoemAs I Rode OutBuck RamseyBuck Ramsey32:35:0034:50:002:05
LG 1-14 Cowboys15SongJuanitaCaroline NortonRosalie Sorrels34:50:0038:20:003:30
LG 1-14 Cowboys16StoryBill Pickett, Black CowboyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips38:20:0040:30:002:10
LG 1-14 Cowboys17SongOld Bill PickettMark RossMark Ross40:30:0044:00:003:30
LG 1-14 Cowboys18StoryWolf: Field RecordingUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips44:00:0045:15:001:15
LG 1-14 Cowboys19SongThe First Time He Ever Rode His PonyMark Spoelstra"Wolf"45:15:0049:15:004:00
LG 1-14 Cowboys20StoryGrand Canyon Cowboys' ReunionUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips49:15:0050:45:001:30
LG 1-14 Cowboys21StoryHungover in ChurchSlim of the Grand Canyon Band"Slim"50:45:0051:50:001:05
LG 1-14 Cowboys22CommentWhen Your Work Runs Out On YouUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips51:50:0053:15:001:25
LG 1-14 Cowboys23SongThe Last WagonBennet Foster / Slim CritchlowSlim Critchlow53:15:0055:15:002:00
LG 1-14 Cowboys24PoemBuckaroo's CoffeeS. Omar BarkerUtah Phillips55:50:0056:25:000:35
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 1-15 More Stew1SpecialGagsHenny YoungmanHenny Youngman0:451:300:45
LG 1-15 More Stew2StorySaturday at the MoviesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:255:502:25
LG 1-15 More Stew3SongBugs on Broadway: Barber of SevilleWarner BrosMel Blanc5:507:502:00
LG 1-15 More Stew4StoryThe Unitarian MonasteryUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips7:5010:152:25
LG 1-15 More Stew5SongEnd of the WorldBeecher Rap 'Pete' KirbyBashful Brother Oswald10:1513:002:45
LG 1-15 More Stew6StoryUtah Joins the ArmyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips13:0015:002:00
LG 1-15 More Stew7PoemI Am RafteryAnthony Raftery (t. James Stevens)Siobhann McKenna15:0017:002:00
LG 1-15 More Stew8StoryMosquitoesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips17:3519:001:25
LG 1-15 More Stew9SongThe Beach at WaikikiJohnny NobleJenks "Tex" Carmen19:0022:003:00
LG 1-15 More Stew10StoryJoseph Schmidt / Poem: Dear BeniaminoUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips22:3025:40:003:10
LG 1-15 More Stew11Song????Joseph Schmidt25:40:0027:30:001:50
LG 1-15 More Stew12Station BreakKenny Hall27:30:0029:45:002:15
LG 1-15 More Stew13StoryThe Spanish Civil War: Pablo Neruda's bookUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips30:10:0032:50:002:40
LG 1-15 More Stew14PoemI lived in a barrio in Madrid.Pablo NerudaUtah Phillips33:40:0035:10:001:30
LG 1-15 More Stew15SongPaen to the Spanish Civil War VetsCharlie HaydenCharlie Hayden's Liberation Orchestra35:10:0036:00:000:50
LG 1-15 More Stew16SongLos Cuatro GeneralesMusic traditional; lyrics author unknownEd Belchowski36:00:0039:30:003:30
LG 1-15 More Stew17StoryMarooned with GarrisonUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips39:30:0044:10:004:40
LG 1-15 More Stew18PoemFern Hill: When I was young and easy...Dylan ThomasDylan Thomas44:10:0048:20:004:10
LG 1-15 More Stew19SongI Hear You Calling MeHarold Hartford and Charles MarshallJohn McCormack49:20:0053:10:003:50
LG 1-15 More Stew20CommentMusic to FascinateUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips53:30:0054:25:000:55
LG 1-15 More Stew21SongThe Bramble and the RoseBarbara KeithJody Stecher and Krishna Bhatt54:25:0055:50:001:25
LG 1-15 More Stew22SpecialThat's All, Folks!Warner Bros.Mel Blanc57:00:0057:15:000:15
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 1-16 Labor Songs1PoemWorkers WordsWill BakerUtah Phillips0:301:200:50
LG 1-16 Labor Songs2StoryChanteyman on the Eagle; The First Strike - 1796Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:154:552:40
LG 1-16 Labor Songs3SongClear Away the Tack (Let the Bullgine Run)TraditionalStan Hugel4:557:152:20
LG 1-16 Labor Songs4StoryHutchinson Family SingersUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips7:308:501:20
LG 1-16 Labor Songs5SongCordwainers Rallying Song- 1844Jesse Hutchinson Jr.Hutchinson Family Singers8:5010:401:50
LG 1-16 Labor Songs6StoryFather Barry & the Potsdam GlassblowersCharlie Davis / Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips10:5013:402:50
LG 1-16 Labor Songs7SongStorm the Fortmusic: Rev. R. LowryUtah Phillips13:4015:352:15
LG 1-16 Labor Songs8StoryBig Bill HaywoodJack Miller / Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips15:5019:504:00
LG 1-16 Labor Songs9SongBread and Roseswords: James OppenheimSheffield Socialist Choir19:5022:553:05
LG 1-16 Labor Songs10StoryMineworkers' SongsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips23:3025:20:001:50
LG 1-16 Labor Songs11StoryLiving in the Coal Mine CountrySarah Ogun GunningUtah Phillips25:20:0026:45:001:25
LG 1-16 Labor Songs12SongCome All You Coal MinersSarah Ogun GunningSarah Ogun Gunning26:45:0028:45:002:00
LG 1-16 Labor Songs13Station BreakKenny Hall28:45:0030:10:001:25
LG 1-16 Labor Songs14StoryBill Giggler and chickensUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips30:30:0032:10:001:40
LG 1-16 Labor Songs15SongHow Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and LiveBlind Alfred ReedBlind Alfred Reed32:10:0035:35:003:25
LG 1-16 Labor Songs16StorySitdown strikesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips36:00:0038:00:002:00
LG 1-16 Labor Songs17SongSit Down!Maurice Sugar???38:00:0040:20:002:20
LG 1-16 Labor Songs18StoryThe CIO and the Almanac SingersUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips40:20:0041:40:001:20
LG 1-16 Labor Songs19SongUAW-CIOWoody GuthrieAlmanac Singers41:40:0043:50:002:10
LG 1-16 Labor Songs20SongIn ContemptAaron Kramer and Betty SandersBetty Sanders43:50:0045:50:002:00
LG 1-16 Labor Songs21SongEight Hours / Bring Back the Eight Hour DayLeslie Nelson-Burns / Charlie KingCharlie King45:50:0053:25:007:35
LG 1-16 Labor Songs22PoemThe Old Guy Sets the Record StraightUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips54:30:0054:55:000:25
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 1-17 New Strike Music1PoemMath ClassErnie BrillUtah Phillips0:301:000:30
LG 1-17 New Strike Music2CommentLabor is still a singing movement.Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:204:001:40
LG 1-17 New Strike Music3StoryYellowknife / A LetterUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips4:007:103:10
LG 1-17 New Strike Music4SongThe Royal Oak Mine Strike / A Flame Burns BrightRoyal Oak Giant Mine Strikers???7:1011:303:20
LG 1-17 New Strike Music5CommentYellowknife ExplosionUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips11:3012:401:10
LG 1-17 New Strike Music6StoryElaine ParkeyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips12:4014:252:05
LG 1-17 New Strike Music7SongLabor'd Got Its Hands in Its PocketsElaine PurkeyElaine Purkey14:2516:151:50
LG 1-17 New Strike Music8StoryEatern Airlines Picket Line: Union ScabbingUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips16:1517:501:35
LG 1-17 New Strike Music9SongEastern Airlines Picket SongEAL PicketsEAL Pickets17:5019:051:15
LG 1-17 New Strike Music10CommentSplit Shift: Union WritingsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips19:0520:201:15
LG 1-17 New Strike Music11StoryThe Big TheftTom WaymanTom Wayman20:2023:002:40
LG 1-17 New Strike Music12SongPowerhouse BluesHedy HilburnHedy Hilburn23:0026:05:003:05
LG 1-17 New Strike Music13Station BreakKenny Hall26:05:0027:40:001:35
LG 1-17 New Strike Music14StoryThe Hormel StrikeUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips27:40:0029:10:001:30
LG 1-17 New Strike Music15StoryWhy the Hormel Strike?Unidentified strikerUnidentified striker29:10:0031:20:002:10
LG 1-17 New Strike Music16SongHormel Strike SongDennis JonesDennis Jones31:20:0034:20:003:00
LG 1-17 New Strike Music17StoryHercules Powder SelloutLinda FreemanLinda Freeman34:20:0037:10:002:50
LG 1-17 New Strike Music18SongHexcel Hercules Strike SongKyle WooleyKyle Wooley37:10:0039:20:002:10
LG 1-17 New Strike Music19StoryDetroit Newspaper Strike: Trumbull TheatreUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips39:20:0041:50:002:30
LG 1-17 New Strike Music20SongBattle of Gate 3 / Battle of DNAEllis BallEllis Ball & Strikers41:50:0043:50:002:00
LG 1-17 New Strike Music21PoemSeven Long (Vancouver BC)Mark WarriorMark Warrior43:50:0047:05:003:15
LG 1-17 New Strike Music22SongRotten BossesGeneral StrikeGeneral Strike47:05:0052:15:005:10
LG 1-17 New Strike Music23SongWe Ain't Gonna Give It BackJohn O'ConnorJohn O'Connor52:15:0055:00:002:45
LG 1-17 New Strike Music24PoemShop NoiseMichael TaylorUtah Phillips55:30:0056:05:000:35
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 1-18 Baseball1PoemGlove Song of Our Kirby PuckettDavid L. WeeUtah Phillips0:351:000:25
LG 1-18 Baseball2PoemField of ButterfliesPhil RizzutoUtah Phillips2:202:350:15
LG 1-18 Baseball3StoryBill McCarren: Baseball as MetaphorUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips3:258:405:15
LG 1-18 Baseball4SongBill McCarren: Baseball as MetaphorUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips8:4011:202:40
LG 1-18 Baseball5StoryThe SizzlerRaymond MungoUtah Phillips11:5012:300:40
LG 1-18 Baseball6PoemCasey at the Bat Ernest ThayerDeWolfe Hopper12:3017:204:50
LG 1-18 Baseball7PoemThe Hellenic LeagueRobert L. HarrisonUtah Phillips17:4519:001:15
LG 1-18 Baseball8SongSatchel PaigeBob BossunBob Bossun19:0025:50:006:50
LG 1-18 Baseball9StoryBaseball and Working Class EconomicsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips26:05:0027:30:001:25
LG 1-18 Baseball10PoemThe Man Who Fanned Casey at the BatDigby BellDigby Bell27:30:0032:00:002:30
LG 1-18 Baseball11PoemFidel Castro as a Baseball PlayerUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips32:00:0033:20:001:20
LG 1-18 Baseball12Song Take Me Out to the Ball GameJack NorworthSteve Goodman & Jethro Burns33:20:0036:00:003:40
LG 1-18 Baseball13Station BreakKenny Hall36:00:0037:15:001:15
LG 1-18 Baseball14SongThe Dying Cub Fan's Last RequestSteve GoodmanSteve Goodman38:00:0044:20:006:20
LG 1-18 Baseball15CommentBaseball Doesn't Need OwnersUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips44:40:0046:00:001:20
LG 1-18 Baseball16SongJackie RobinsonLord InvaderLord Invader46:00:0049:00:003:00
LG 1-18 Baseball17CommentRadio Contest: What are these five piecesvariousvarious49:30:0053:20:003:50
LG 1-18 Baseball18PoemIn Cold FieldsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips53:20:0055:10:001:50
LG 1-18 Baseball19PoemGlove Song of Our Kirby PuckettDavid L. WeeUtah Phillips56:05:0056:50:000:45
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 1-19 Utah1PoemAnd Time PassingThomas WolfeUtah Phillips0:351:050:30
LG 1-19 Utah2StoryThe Mormon missionary in Greewich VillageUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips4:006:302:30
LG 1-19 Utah3SongThe Telling Takes Me HomeUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips6:009:352:35
LG 1-19 Utah4CommentBroadcasting LiveUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips9:3510:451:10
LG 1-19 Utah5StoryUtah SeagullsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips10:4513:402:55
LG 1-19 Utah6SongBrigham, Brigham YoungTraditionalRosalie Sorrels13:4016:453:05
LG 1-19 Utah7StoryJean Baptiste the GraverobberUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips17:0020:003:00
LG 1-19 Utah8PoemJean Baptiste the GraverobberUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips20:0022:25:002:25
LG 1-19 Utah9CommentThe morphine tinsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips22:25:0025:40:003:15
LG 1-19 Utah10SongThe Miner's LullabyUtah Phillips, Jody Stecher, Kate BrislinJody Stecher & Kate Brislin25:40:0030:00:004:20
LG 1-19 Utah11Station BreakKenny Hall30:00:0031:15:001:15
LG 1-19 Utah12StoryThe Horsehead on Blue MountainUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips31:15:0032:40:001:25
LG 1-19 Utah13StoryCharley Kelly, Amasa M. Lyman, and SocialismUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips32:40:0034:40:002:00
LG 1-19 Utah14SongBlue MountainF. W KellerBob Bovee, Pop Wagner, Dakota Dave Hall34:40:0039:10:004:30
LG 1-19 Utah15StoryMy First Picket LineUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips40:00:0041:45:001:45
LG 1-19 Utah16SongJesse's CorridoUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips41:45:0044:30:002:45
LG 1-19 Utah17StoryRosalie's Pet RaccoonUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips45:15:0046:15:001:00
LG 1-19 Utah18StorySharks in the Great Salt LakeUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips46:15:0052:50:006:35
LG 1-19 Utah19SongMormon RapWalter Hayes OrchestraWalter Hayes Orchestra53:10:0054:55:001:45
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 1-20 War and Peace1SongTrumpet Call for the Charge of the Light Brigade???Trumpeter Landfrey0:250.040:35
LG 1-20 War and Peace2CommentWarUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:003:001:00
LG 1-20 War and Peace3PoemYellowlegs and Pugs???Utah Phillips3:003:450:45
LG 1-20 War and Peace4SongStung RightJoe HillFred Holstein3:455:502:05
LG 1-20 War and Peace5PoemGeneral, Your TankBerthold BrechtUtah Phillips6:008:002:00
LG 1-20 War and Peace6SongI Didn't Raise My Boy to be a SoldierAl Piantadosi / Alfred BryantPeerless Quartet8:0011:053:05
LG 1-20 War and Peace7SongOver ThereGeorge M. CohanNora Baines11:0514:103:05
LG 1-20 War and Peace8PoemWas It You?Robert ServiceUtah Phillips14:1016:302:20
LG 1-20 War and Peace9SongHere's to the Next Man Who DiesCaptain Darling / TraditionalUtah Phillips16:3018:051:35
LG 1-20 War and Peace10SongDown BelowIrving BerlinGroucho Marx18:0521:303:25
LG 1-20 War and Peace11CommentYoung Men with GunsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips21:4023:001:20
LG 1-20 War and Peace12SongChickens for PeacePeter AlsopPeter Alsop23:0025:40:002:40
LG 1-20 War and Peace13Station BreakKenny Hall25:40:0027:25:001:35
LG 1-20 War and Peace14Story"How did you get to be like that?"Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips27:25:0035:50:008:25
LG 1-20 War and Peace15SongYou've Got to be TaughtRichard Rogers / Oscar Hammerstein IIIMarian Anderson (Edward R. Murrow recording)35:50:0038:45:002:55
LG 1-20 War and Peace16StoryAmmon Hennacy and PacifismUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips38:45:0042:30:003:45
LG 1-20 War and Peace17PoemConscientious ObjectorEdna St. Vincent MillayUtah Phillips42:30:0044:15:001:45
LG 1-20 War and Peace18SongFixin' to Die RagCountry Joe McDonaldCountry Joe and the Fish44:15:0047:15:003:00
LG 1-20 War and Peace19SongTie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the WorldUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips47:15:0049:00:001:45
LG 1-20 War and Peace20CommentWork for PeaceUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips49:00:0050:00:001:00
LG 1-20 War and Peace21SongI Am SearchingPete SeegerPete Seeger50:40:0053:40:003:00
LG 1-20 War and Peace22PoemPlant a tiny seedPete SeegerStuds Terkel54:35:0055:00:000:25