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Thread Name: Utah Phillips: Loafer's Glory Radio Show
Subject: Loafer's Glory: Programs 71 - 80
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One1PoemCoyoteUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips0:400:550:15
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One2StoryCoyote the Trickster and othersUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips1:453:301:45
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One3SongCheyenne Sun DanceTraditionalCheyenne?3:305:302:00
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One4Poem"This Is the Middle"Utah Phillips?Utah Phillips4:005:201:20
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One5SongOld CoyoteAl GriersonAl Grierson5:3012:407:10
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One6StoryEdward Fitzgerald & Woody GuthrieUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips12:4014:251:35
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One7SongThe Rubaiyat of Omar KhayyamOmar Khayyam (Edward Fitzgerald Tr.)Woody Guthrie and Cisco Houston (Kitchen Table tape)14:2518:103:45
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One8StoryKathy's Black DollUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips18:1019:401:30
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One9SongRosalieRik PalieriRik Palieri19:4022:00:002:20
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One10StoryHuarache BlowoutUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips22:00:0023:25:001:25
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One11PoemThe Scab's LamentUnknownStuds Terkel23:25:0025:00:001:35
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One12Station BreakKenny Hall25:00:0026:50:001:50
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One13StoryLyman Gilmore's Aeroplane, Black Eagle, Billy BishopUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips26:50:0030:45:003:55
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One14SongLyman Gilmore's AeroplaneUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips30:45:0033:30:002:45
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One15CommentLanguage and the FCCUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips33:30:0036:15:002:45
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One16PoemExpletive DeflatedJim LyleJim Lyle36:15:0037:25:001:10
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One17SongTalking NPRUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips37:25:0039:35:002:10
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One18SongOld and Gray???Kenny Hall & Sweet Smell String Band39:35:0043:45:004:10
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One19StoryKenny Hall and Otis PierceUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips43:45:0047:05:003:20
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One20SongEast Virginia BluesTraditionalKenny Hall, Otis Pierce47:05:0050:00:002:55
LG 3-71 Now I Really Like This One21SongAngeline the BakerTraditionalKenny Hall50:00:0053:10:003:10
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 3-72 Good Company1PoemMourn Not the DeadRalph ChaplinUtah Phillips0:351:000:25
LG 3-72 Good Company2StoryPolitical Prisoners: Joe HillUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:303:501:20
LG 3-72 Good Company3PoemJoe Hill Listens to the PrayingKenneth PatchenJoe Glazer3:5011:157:25
LG 3-72 Good Company4StoryAmmon Hennacy at Atlanta PenitentiaryUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips11:1513:252:10
LG 3-72 Good Company5SongThe Judas RamUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips13:2514:451:20
LG 3-72 Good Company6StoryEugene V. DebsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips14:4516:552:10
LG 3-72 Good Company7PoemWe're Taking Debs to Prison in the MorningDouglas RobesonBob Sukiel16:5520:153:20
LG 3-72 Good Company8StorySacco & VanzettiUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips20:1522:552:40
LG 3-72 Good Company9SongSacco's Last LetterSacco / Pete SeegerPete Seeger22:5526:15:003:20
LG 3-72 Good Company10StoryThe RosenbergsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips26:15:0029:00:002:45
LG 3-72 Good Company11CommentA Letter to my SonsEthel RosenbergJoanna Robinson29:00:0031:10:002:10
LG 3-72 Good Company12SongIn ContemptAaron Kramer & Betty SaundersRebel Voices31:10:0033:35:002:25
LG 3-72 Good Company13Station BreakOhio WaltzKenny Hall33:35:0034:45:001:10
LG 3-72 Good Company14StoryMississippi Freedom SummerUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips34:45:0036:10:001:25
LG 3-72 Good Company15SongOh Freedom / This Little Light of MineTraditional / Harry Dixon LoesFreedom Singers36:10:0038:15:002:05
LG 3-72 Good Company16StoryDavid HarrisUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips38:15:0040:10:001:55
LG 3-72 Good Company17SongIf I KnewJoan BaezJoan Baez40:10:0043:00:002:50
LG 3-72 Good Company18StoryJudy BariUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips43:00:0044:10:001:10
LG 3-72 Good Company19SongThe FBI Stole My FiddleJudy BariJudy Bari44:10:0047:05:002:55
LG 3-72 Good Company20StoryLeonard PeltierUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips47:05:0048:30:001:25
LG 3-72 Good Company21CommentLeonard Peltier In Prison: SundanceLeonard PeltierHarvey Yarden (sp?)48:30:0051:30:003:00
LG 3-72 Good Company22StoryKeeping Good CompanyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips51:30:0052:15:000:45
LG 3-72 Good Company23Song Ain't You Got A RightGuy CarawanGuy Carawan52:15:0054:50:002:35
LG 3-72 Good Company24CommentFrom Death RowMumia Abu Jamal??55:20:0055:55:000:25
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 3-73 Tell Me a Story1PoemNo! Tell us a story.Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips0:300:500:20
LG 3-73 Tell Me a Story2StoryStorytelling: Doc WatsonUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:303:351:05
LG 3-73 Tell Me a Story3SongLife Gets Tedious, Don't It?Garson RobinsonDoc Watson3:358:004:25
LG 3-73 Tell Me a Story4StoryJohnny HandleUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips8:009:501:50
LG 3-73 Tell Me a Story5StoryThe New JerusalemJohnny HandleJohnny Handle9:5020:3510:45
LG 3-73 Tell Me a Story6StoryMarshall DodgeUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips20:3523:002:25
LG 3-73 Tell Me a Story7StoryIt's Your PrivyMarshall DodgeMarshall Dodge23:0025:40:002:40
LG 3-73 Tell Me a Story8StoryJosie Bates & Idaho Blackie: LiplickingUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips25:40:0029:00:003:20
LG 3-73 Tell Me a Story9Story Slower, Quieter, Simpler: Catherine WindomUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips29:00:0031:35:002:35
LG 3-73 Tell Me a Story10StoryListen to the MorningCatherine WindomCatherine Windom31:35:0035:25:003:50
LG 3-73 Tell Me a Story11Station BreakHappy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall35:25:0037:35:002:10
LG 3-73 Tell Me a Story12StoryMansfield Story: The Two SoldiersUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips37:35:0040:30:002:55
LG 3-73 Tell Me a Story13StoryBlackie and his FridgeUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips40:30:0043:00:002:30
LG 3-73 Tell Me a Story14StoryGamble RogersUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips43:00:0044:15:001:15
LG 3-73 Tell Me a Story15StoryDeKalb County DeputyGamble RogersGamble Rogers44:15:0047:30:003:15
LG 3-73 Tell Me a Story16StoryAnnie LeGaljour(?)Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips47:30:0048:45:001:15
LG 3-73 Tell Me a Story17StoryHurricane BabyAnnie LeGaljour(?)Annie LeGaljour(?)48:45:0055:40:006:55
LG 3-73 Tell Me a Story18PoemNever ForgetUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips56:20:0056:30:000:10
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 3-74 United Front1Comment"Speaking with strangers.."Gus HallUtah Phillips0:300:400:10
LG 3-74 United Front2StoryGus HallUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips1:303:001:30
LG 3-74 United Front3SongThe InternationalEugene PottierAni DiFranco3:004:301:30
LG 3-74 United Front4PoemPassing the HatMike QuinnUtah Phillips3:403:500:10
LG 3-74 United Front5SongMeadowlands / Polyushke PolyeTraditionalSoviet Army Chorus4:306:151:45
LG 3-74 United Front6SongUnited Front SongBertold BrechtThe New Singers6:158:101:55
LG 3-74 United Front7SongBeloved ComradeLewis AllenJosh White8:1010:502:40
LG 3-74 United Front8PoemDo Not Go Gentle Into that Good NightDylan ThomasDylan Thomas?10:5012:301:40
LG 3-74 United Front9SongHold the FortEnglish Transport Workers UnionBruce Brackney12:3014:502:20
LG 3-74 United Front10SongRemember all those years agoLes Barker / Keith HancockKeith Hancock14:5020:506:00
LG 3-74 United Front11SongWe All Sang Bread and RosesSi KahnRebel Voices20:5024:00:003:10
LG 3-74 United Front12SongThe InternationalEugene PottierAni DiFranco24:00:0026:40:002:40
LG 3-74 United Front13PoemHere Come TheyMike QuinnUtah Phillips24:35:0026:05:001:30
LG 3-74 United Front14Station BreakThe Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall26:40:0029:00:002:20
LG 3-74 United Front15CommentThe Communist Party and LoveUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips30:35:0032:00:001:25
LG 3-74 United Front16SongThe Same Old Merry -Go-RoundWallace CampaignRebel Voices32:00:0034:00:002:00
LG 3-74 United Front17CommentAge of the Failure of AnalysisUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips34:00:0035:00:001:00
LG 3-74 United Front18SongTeenage Immigrant Welfare Mothers on DrugsDavid LippmanDavid Lippman35:00:0038:00:003:00
LG 3-74 United Front19CommentThe Communist Party's Influence on the PresentUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips38:00:0038:55:000:55
LG 3-74 United Front20SongGood News EverybodyLou and Peter BerrymanLou and Peter Berryman38:55:0042:30:002:35
LG 3-74 United Front21CommentElection TimeUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips42:30:0044:15:001:45
LG 3-74 United Front22PoemThe DogLawrence FerlinghettiLawrence Ferlinghetti44:15:0046:00:001:45
LG 3-74 United Front23SongWho Are These People?Chris ChandlerChris Chandler / Trout Fishing in America46:00:0051:10:005:10
LG 3-74 United Front24CommentThe Party Shaped UsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips51:10:0052:05:000:55
LG 3-74 United Front25SongThe InternationalEugene PottierLen Wallace52:05:0054:40:002:35
LG 3-74 United Front26PoemThe Communist PartyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips55:15:0055:50:000:35
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 3-75 The Street Takes You In1PoemI Will Sing a Good Song for YouKalevalaUtah Phillips0:351:000:25
LG 3-75 The Street Takes You In2StoryFellow Worker AlUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips3:456:052:20
LG 3-75 The Street Takes You In3SongThe PetalsAl GriersonAl Grierson6:0514:108:05
LG 3-75 The Street Takes You In4PoemFrom Jayber CrowWendell BerryUtah Philips14:1015:401:30
LG 3-75 The Street Takes You In5SongDustbowl Don QuixoteAl GriersonAl Grierson15:4021:506:10
LG 3-75 The Street Takes You In6CommentFrom Jayber CrowWendell BerryUtah Phillips21:5024:00:002:10
LG 3-75 The Street Takes You In7Song / StoryBound For Glory; Woody Guthrie's American SongWoody Guthrie / TraditionalPeter Glazer et al.24:00:0027:55:003:55
LG 3-75 The Street Takes You In8Story California - Oklahoma: As I Rambled RoundWoody GuthrieWoody Guthrie27:55:0029:25:001:30
LG 3-75 The Street Takes You In9SongI Ain't Got No Home in this World Any MoreWoody GuthrieWoody Guthrie29:25:0031:25:002:00
LG 3-75 The Street Takes You In10Station BreakThe Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall31:25:0032:50:001:25
LG 3-75 The Street Takes You In11CommentOn to the Next PlaceUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips32:50:0034:35:001:45
LG 3-75 The Street Takes You In12SongRoom Here For AnotherJohn McCutcheonJohn McCutcheon34:35:0039:40:005:05
LG 3-75 The Street Takes You In13PoemThe Intoxicated Eyes...Jaime Guillermo BacaUtah Phillips39:40:0041:35:001:55
LG 3-75 The Street Takes You In14PoemTerminal NeonJohn TrudellJohn Trudell41:35:0045:10:003:35
LG 3-75 The Street Takes You In15SongThe Street Takes You InBob SniderBob Snider45:10:0047:35:002:25
LG 3-75 The Street Takes You In16CommentSpeech on HomelessnessBenjamin HooksBenjamin Hooks47:35:0049:50:002:15
LG 3-75 The Street Takes You In17SongDream of a HomePeter RowanLaurie Lewis & Tom Rozum49:50:0053:50:004:00
LG 3-75 The Street Takes You In18CommentFrom Jayber CrowWendell BerryUtah Phillips54:30:0055:05:000:35
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 4-76 Broke Toe1PoemContra La PeurRaymond PadillaUtah Phillips0:451:200:35
LG 4-76 Broke Toe2StoryMemoryUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips3:004:401:40
LG 4-76 Broke Toe3SongWhat Did You Learn In School Today?Tom PaxtonTom Paxton4:406:452:05
LG 4-76 Broke Toe4StoryBroadside: Sis Cunningham & Gordon FriesenUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips6:4510:003:15
LG 4-76 Broke Toe5SongMrs. Clara Sullivan's LetterMalvina Reynolds / Pete SeegerPete Seeger10:0012:202:20
LG 4-76 Broke Toe6CommentThe Civil Rights MovementUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips12:2013:251:05
LG 4-76 Broke Toe7SongMississippi GoddamnNina SimoneNina Simone13:2518:054:40
LG 4-76 Broke Toe8StoryRancher Hahn & Gail I Gardner: The Dumb HorseUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips18:0521:303:25
LG 4-76 Broke Toe9SongTying Knots in the Devil's TailGail I GardnerGail I. Gardner21:3024:45:003:15
LG 4-76 Broke Toe10PoemHail And FarewellDelia GardnerGail Steiger24:45:0026:55:002:10
LG 4-76 Broke Toe11SongJohn and CharleyGail SteigerGail Steiger26:55:0030:30:003:35
LG 4-76 Broke Toe12Station BreakThe Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall30:30:0032:40:002:10
LG 4-76 Broke Toe13StoryHobo Gathering in Elko: Danville DanUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips32:40:0034:50:002:10
LG 4-76 Broke Toe14SongI Long to Hear the Whistle Blow AgainDanville DanDanville Dan34:50:0037:10:002:20
LG 4-76 Broke Toe15StoryBroke Toe RezoUtah Phillips / Broke Toe RezoUtah Phillips37:10:0041:25:004:15
LG 4-76 Broke Toe16SongThunderball BluesBroke Toe RezoBroke Toe Rezo41:25:0045:50:004:25
LG 4-76 Broke Toe17StoryHow Rebel Voices was recorded / Wobblies PicketedUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips45:50:0047:10:001:20
LG 4-76 Broke Toe18Song Power in a UnionJoe HillUtah Phillips and Wobblies - Rebel Voices47:10:0051:15:004:05
LG 4-76 Broke Toe19CommentLetter From Ben WeiserUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips51:15:0053:20:002:05
LG 4-76 Broke Toe20SongGeneral StrikeBen WeiserBen Weiser & band53:20:0055:15:001:55
LG 4-76 Broke Toe21SongDump The Bosses Off Your BackJohn BrillUtah Phillips & Ani DiFranco55:15:0056:30:001:15
LG 4-76 Broke Toe22PoemDeja-VuUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips57:15:0057:35:000:20
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life1SongThe Wobbly DoxologyAnonymous (possibly John Neuhaus)Utah Phillips0:350:500:15
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life2StoryPaul Durst & Art ThiemeUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips1:453:201:35
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life3SpecialPaul's Early Life in WisconsinPaul DurstPaul Durst / Art Thieme3:204:501:30
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life4Song?????????4:506:301:40
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life5SpecialLogging in MinnesotaPaul DurstPaul Durst / Art Thieme6:307:200:50
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life6SongThe TrampJoe HillPaul Durst7:207:550:35
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life7SongThe Tramp Joe HillMark Ross7:5511:103:15
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life8SpecialTravelling with Buffalo BillPaul DurstPaul Durst / Art Thieme11:1014:002:50
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life9SongMysteries of a Hobo's LifeT-Bone SlimMark Ross14:0015:101:10
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life10SpecialHoboing in the old days / Trapping / Hobo SongsPaul DurstPaul Durst / Art Thieme15:1017:502:40
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life11SongHallelujah I'm A BumHaywire Mac McClintockPaul Durst17:5018:300:40
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life12SongHallelujah I'm A BumHaywire Mac McClintockBob Bovee18:3022:003:30
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life13Station BreakThe Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall22:0024:10:002:10
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life14SpecialPlaying Music / Working the HarvestsPaul DurstPaul Durst / Art Thieme24:10:0027:25:003:15
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life15PoemSheep and GoatsMike QuirkeUtah Phillips27:25:0028:25:001:00
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life16SongThe Timber Beast's LamentUnknown / George MilburnUtah Phillips28:25:0029:55:001:30
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life17SpecialJoe Hill and the WobbliesPaul DurstPaul Durst / Art Thieme29:55:0031:45:001:50
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life18SongThe Preacher and the SlaveJoe HillJeff Cahill, Mark Ross, Robin Oye31:45:0034:10:002:25
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life19SpecialThe Wobblies: International UnionPaul DurstPaul Durst / Art Thieme34:10:0037:00:002:50
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life20SongHold the FortEnglish Transport WorkersPaul Durst37:00:0037:35:000:35
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life21SongHold the FortEnglish Transport WorkersAlmanac Singers37:35:0040:00:002:25
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life22SpecialWobbly SongsPaul DurstPaul Durst / Art Thieme40:00:0041:20:001:20
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life23SongSolidarity ForeverRalph Chaplin??? (Pete Seeger intro)41:20:0044:55:003:25
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life24SongThe InternationalEugene PottierPaul Durst44:55:0045:35:000:40
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life25SpecialJohn D. RockefellerPaul DurstPaul Durst / Art Thieme45:35:0046:30:000:55
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life26Song The InternationalEugene Pottier??? Labor Chorus46:30:0049:55:003:25
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life27SongWorkingmen, Unite!E. S. NelsonPaul Durst 49:55:0051:30:001:35
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life28Song?????????51:30:0053:45:002:15
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life29Song / StoryThe International / Paul DurstEugene Pottier / Art Thieme??? / Utah Phillips53:45:0055:40:001:55
LG 4-77 Mysteries of a Hobo's Life30Comment"One who has seen the glow of the great...dream..."Rexford G. TugwellUtah Phillips56:20:0056:40:000:20
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?1SongMy Wild Irish RoseChauncey OlcottJohn McCormack0:401:150:35
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?2StoryMusic I Listen toUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:304:402:10
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?3SongPagliacciRuggero LeoncavalloEnrico Caruso4:406:452:05
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?4StoryListening to Other People's Victrolas in ClevelandUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips6:458:502:05
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?5SongThe Bluebird of HappinessEdward Heymann / Harry Parr Davies / Sandor HarmatiJan Peerce8:5013:354:45
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?6StorySalt Lake City Victrola / John McCormackUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips13:3517:354:00
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?7SongThe Snowy-Breasted PearlS. E. DeVereJohn McCormack17:3522:555:20
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?8StoryJoseph Schmidt Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips22:5526:15:003:20
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?9PoemLetter to Beniamino GigliUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips26:15:0026:50:000:35
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?10Song??????Joseph Schmidt26:50:0030:10:003:20
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?11StoryPeter DawsonUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips30:10:0033:20:003:10
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?12SongRolling Down To RioRudyard Kipling / Peter BellamyPeter Dawson33:20:0035:20:002:00
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?13Station BreakThe Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall35:20:0037:15:001:55
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?14StoryPaul RobesonUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips37:15:0039:05:001:50
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?15SongThe Canoe Song???Paul Robeson39:05:0041:05:002:00
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?16StoryHenry RussellUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips41:05:0042:30:001:25
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?17SongThe Ship On FireHenry RussellClifford Jackson42:30:0050:25:007:55
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?18StoryImmigrants and OperaUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips50:25:0051:50:001:25
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?19SongI'll Take You Home Again KathleenThomas WestendorfRobert White51:50:0053:50:002:00
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?20CommentOur Earliest LiturgyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips53:50:0055:10:001:20
LG 4-78 What Is It About John McCormack?21SongKeep the Home Fires BurningLena Ford / Ivor NovellaJohn McCormack55:55:0057:00:001:05
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 4-79 Utie and the Blowhards1PoemStarlight on the RailsThomas WolfeUtah Phillips0:301:050:35
LG 4-79 Utie and the Blowhards2Song / StoryRailroading on the Great DivideSara Carter / Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips, Rose Tattoo1:3010:309:00
LG 4-79 Utie and the Blowhards3PoemMy Wild Irish RoseUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips8:509:501:00
LG 4-79 Utie and the Blowhards4SongJay Gould's DaughterTraditional / CollectedMark Ross10:3015:305:00
LG 4-79 Utie and the Blowhards5StoryUnion PlumberBob and Diana SukielBob and Diana Sukiel15:3018:553:35
LG 4-79 Utie and the Blowhards6SongMr. Brakeman Let Me Ride Your TrainPorter GraingerBob and Diana Sukiel18:5522:203:25
LG 4-79 Utie and the Blowhards7PoemNothin' to do but goH. H. KnibbsKuddie Kestner22:2024:20:002:20
LG 4-79 Utie and the Blowhards8SongWhere Have All the Hoboes GoneJohn PrineKuddie Kestner24:20:0027:40:003:20
LG 4-79 Utie and the Blowhards9Station Break The Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall27:40:0029:55:002:15
LG 4-79 Utie and the Blowhards10CommentTramps and TechnologyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips29:55:0031:00:001:05
LG 4-79 Utie and the Blowhards11SongThe Hoboes' Grand ConventionVariousHaywire Bruce Brackney31:00:0037:45:006:45
LG 4-79 Utie and the Blowhards12SongThe Crab Orchard and Egyptian RailroadLarry PennLarry Penn37:45:0044:20:006:35
LG 4-79 Utie and the Blowhards13StoryThe Orphan TrainUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips44:20:0047:20:003:00
LG 4-79 Utie and the Blowhards14SongThe Orphan TrainUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips47:20:0050:45:003:25
LG 4-79 Utie and the Blowhards15SongMidnight SpecialHuddie LedbetterRose Tattoo50:45:0055:10:004:25
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics1SongAloha Oe (Instrumental)Old Croatian melody: lyrics Queen LiliuokalaniDan Scanlan0:401:250:45
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics2StoryCaptain Cook & the HawaiiansUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips3:154:551:40
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics3SongHale Mai Traditional???4:556:201:25
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics4Poem"He came dancing upon the silver waves..."-LakaHawaian Creation MythUtah Phillips6:208:001:40
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics5SongHula PahuTraditional???8:009:351:35
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics6StoryThe Memory Room Don BlandingUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips9:3512:553:20
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics7SongTickling the Strings"King" Benny Nawahi"King" Benny Nawahi12:5516:103:15
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics8Story Hawaiian steel guitarUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips16:1018:152:05
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics9SongOn A Little Bamboo BridgeAl ShermanLouis Armstrong / Andy Iona & his Islanders18:1521:302:15
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics10StoryThe UkuleleUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips21:3023:552:25
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics11SongOld HawaiiUkulele IkeUkulele Ike23:5526:10:002:15
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics12Station BreakThe Hilo MarchWill PeleKenny Hall26:10:0028:20:002:10
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics13StoryI Learned the UkuleleUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips28:20:0030:30:001:10
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics14Song On the Beach at WaikikiG. H. Stover / Henry KailimaiAlfredo Canopin30:30:0032:20:001:50
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics15StoryThe Other HawaiiUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips32:20:0036:00:003:40
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics16SongManuo'oTraditionalMike & Lorna McClellan36:00:0039:35:003:35
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics17StoryHawaiian Sovereignty MovementUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips39:35:0041:40:002:05
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics18SpecialHenry Nua, ReinstatementHenry Nua, Communications DirectorUtah Phillips41:40:0048:15:006:35
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics19SongAll Hawaii Stand TogetherLiko MartinIsrael Kamakawiwo 'ole48:15:0053:00:004:45
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics20SongIssa LeiTraditionalMark Nelson53:30:0055:20:001:50
LG 4-80 Palm Trees & Politics21SongAloha OeTraditional / Queen LiliuokalaniMark Nelson55:55:0056:55:001:00