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Thread Name: Utah Phillips: Loafer's Glory Radio Show
Subject: Loafer's Glory: Programs 91 - 100
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 4-91 Earth First!1PoemThe SpringsWendell BerryUtah Phillips0:401:100:30
LG 4-91 Earth First!2CommentWildernessUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:305:353:05
LG 4-91 Earth First!3StoryHobokenEdward AbbeyEdward Abbey5:357:402:05
LG 4-91 Earth First!4SongGarbage!Bill SteeleGuy Carawan7:4011:153:35
LG 4-91 Earth First!5Comment"Science is not sufficient."Edward AbbeyEdward Abbey11:1513:152:00
LG 4-91 Earth First!6SongForever WildWalkin' Jim StolzWalkin' Jim Stolz13:1516:253:10
LG 4-91 Earth First!7StoryDarryl CherneyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips16:2518:252:00
LG 4-91 Earth First!8CommentEarth First!Darryl CherneyDarryl Cherney18:2519:200:55
LG 4-91 Earth First!9SongEarth First!Darryl CherneyDarryl Cherney19:2023:554:35
LG 4-91 Earth First!10StoryJudy BariUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips23:5525:30:001:35
LG 4-91 Earth First!11StoryHow to organize loggersJudy BariJudy Bari25:30:0029:00:003:30
LG 4-91 Earth First!12Song"Paradise" / "Down in the Valley"Judy BariJudy Bari29:00:0031:50:002:50
LG 4-91 Earth First!13Station BreakKenny Hall31:50:0034:05:002:15
LG 4-91 Earth First!14CommentWasteUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips34:05:0035:30:001:25
LG 4-91 Earth First!15SongAll Used UpUtah PhillipsMarie Mason35:30:0040:10:004:40
LG 4-91 Earth First!16StoryUncle Dan GibsonUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips40:10:0042:50:002:40
LG 4-91 Earth First!17SongBlack WatersJean RitchieJean Ritchie42:50:0046:55:004:05
LG 4-91 Earth First!18CommentA Vision of Non-Violent ActionUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips46:55:0048:20:001:25
LG 4-91 Earth First!19PoemWildernessCarl SandburgCarl Sandburg48:20:0051:30:003:10
LG 4-91 Earth First!20SongWe Want the Whole Thing BackDakota Sid CliffordDakota Sid Clifford & Utah Phillips51:30:0054:10:002:40
LG 4-91 Earth First!21Poem"Listen as the trees sing their songs."John TrudellJohn Trudell54:10:0056:25:002:15
LG 4-91 Earth First!22Poem"To go in the dark"Wendell BerryUtah Phillips57:15:0057:30:000:15
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag1SongDouble YodelJimmy RodgersUtah Phillips0:251:050:40
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag2StoryA picture in my head and an unfulfilled desireUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:154:001:45
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag3Poem"Few buildings are vast enough..."Thomas WolfeUtah Phillips4:004:550:55
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag4SpecialCalling the Stops: the Panama LimitedUnknownUnknown4:555:350:40
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag5StoryThe TrainLord BuckleyLord Buckley5:358:202:45
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag6Song???(Instrumental - sounds like ellington)??????8:2010:502:30
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag7Poem"Look, friend, the great trains are dying"???Utah Phillips10:5012:001:10
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag8SongThe Dying HoboTraditional (Laws H 3)George Lay12:0013:301:30
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag9SongI'm Going Home on the Morning TrainTraditional???13:3017:053:35
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag10StoryCrossing the HumpUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips17:0518:151:10
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag11SongRailroad RagEd Bimberg / Nat Vincent???18:1520:101:55
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag12SongRock Island from The Music ManMeredith WilsonPaul Reid & Travelling Salesmen20:1023:503:40
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag13StoryMoose Turd PieUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips23:5029:00:005:10
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag14Station BreakThe Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall29:00:0031:15:002:15
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag15PoemAway From TownHarry KempUtah Phillips31:15:0032:20:001:05
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag16SongThe Handouts on the PMT Line??????32:20:0036:00:003:40
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag17SongInstrumental - bigband with train whistles??????36:00:0039:00:003:00
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag18StoryDeFord Bailey at the RymanUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips39:00:0039:50:000:50
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag19Song / PoemPacific 231Honniger / Thomas Wolfe???orchestra / Utah Phillips39:50:0044:05:004:15
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag20SongThe Railroad BluesDeFord BaileyDeFord Bailey44:05:0047:20:003:15
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag21SongBig Rock Candy MountainHaywire Mac McClintock / Burl IvesBurl Ives47:20:0049:20:002:00
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag22StoryBig Rock Candy Mountain originHaywire Mac McClintock (Sam Eskin interview)Haywire Mac McClintock49:20:0052:15:002:55
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag23SongBig Rock Candy MountainHaywire Mac McClintockHaywire Mac McClintock52:15:0054:20:002:05
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag24SpecialTrain Sound??????54:20:0055:40:001:20
LG 4-92 Railroad Rag25Poem Is it possible to be free and stay in one place????Utah Phillips56:10:0056:45:000:35
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 4-93 Peace Rant1PoemGoodnessSimone WeilUtah Phillips0:300:500:20
LG 4-93 Peace Rant2CommentReflection on September 11Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips1:404:152:35
LG 4-93 Peace Rant3CommentListening to war newsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips4:156:302:15
LG 4-93 Peace Rant4Song"When I was a young man"???Utah Phillips6:307:451:15
LG 4-93 Peace Rant5Story"I will never again abdicate my right to decide.."Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips7:459:351:50
LG 4-93 Peace Rant6Poem"General, your tank..."Berthold Brecht (from A German War Primer)Utah Phillips9:3510:200:45
LG 4-93 Peace Rant7SongI've Got To KnowWoody Guthrie / Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips10:2014:003:40
LG 4-93 Peace Rant8Poem"Standing in the alleys of Yongsan..."Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips14:0015:201:20
LG 4-93 Peace Rant9SongThe Judas RamUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips15:2016:401:20
LG 4-93 Peace Rant10StoryWhat Is A Pacifist?Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips16:4021:405:00
LG 4-93 Peace Rant11SongI Will Not ObeyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips21:4023:502:10
LG 4-93 Peace Rant12PoemThe Wife of FlandersG. K. ChestertonUtah Phillips23:5025:55:002:05
LG 4-93 Peace Rant13CommentAsking Questions About War: Moral ChoicesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips25:55:0031:40:005:45
LG 4-93 Peace Rant14Station Break31:40:0034:00:002:20
LG 4-93 Peace Rant15PoemWas It You?Robert ServiceUtah Phillips34:00:0036:20:002:20
LG 4-93 Peace Rant16SongBeans and RiceUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips36:20:0039:20:003:00
LG 4-93 Peace Rant17PoemYellowlegs and Pugs???Utah Phillips39:20:0040:15:000:55
LG 4-93 Peace Rant18SongAin't It FineUtah PhilipsUtah Phillips40:15:0042:00:001:45
LG 4-93 Peace Rant19StoryThe Harry Truman CactusUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips42:00:0044:30:002:30
LG 4-93 Peace Rant20SongEnola GayUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips44:30:0047:00:002:30
LG 4-93 Peace Rant21PoemMichaelRobert ServiceUtah Phillips47:00:0049:20:002:20
LG 4-93 Peace Rant22SongYellow RibbonUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips49:20:0051:10:001:50
LG 4-93 Peace Rant23CommentHow to Live in PeaceUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips51:20:0052:15:000:55
LG 4-93 Peace Rant24SongThis Here RiverMurphy DoweyUtah Phillips52:15:0055:00:002:45
LG 4-93 Peace Rant25PoemThere Will Come Soft RainsSara Teasdale (from Fire and Shadow)Utah Phillips55:00:0055:45:000:45
LG 4-93 Peace Rant26PoemIf you believe in peace???Utah Phillips56:20:0056:40:000:20
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road1Poem"Had I kenned the rhymes that came upon me..."Hiram Bigelow (Bruce Phillips)Utah Phillips0:401:100:30
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road2CommentWar TalkUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:052:550:55
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road3StoryFred HolsteinUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:554:301:35
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road4SongThanksgiving EveBob FrankeFred Holstein4:308:103:40
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road5StoryThe Sideshows Are GoneUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips8:1011:353:25
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road6SongThe Ballad of Amazing GraceJason WilberRoy Bookbinder11:3516:204:45
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road7StoryHiway 395 and Mongolian Music Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips16:2019:052:45
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road8SongMongolian Field Recording: Hear the Horses Running??????19:0520:551:50
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road9StoryThe Bessie BradyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips20:5523:102:15
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road10SongThe Bessie BradyKen GraydonKen Graydon and Phee Sherline23:1026:25:003:15
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road11Station BreakKenny Hall26:25:0028:35:002:10
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road12StoryCharles F. LummisUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips28:35:0031:30:002:55
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road13SongLa Despedida de MontereyUnknownAdelaida Camp31:30:0033:00:001:30
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road14SongLa Despedida de MontereyUnknownLos Californios33:00:0036:45:003:45
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road15StoryKenny HallUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips36:45:0040:00:003:15
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road16SongSongs taken from Scottish BagpipesTraditionalKenny Hall40:00:0042:10:002:10
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road17StoryMike AgrinoffUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips42:10:0043:55:001:45
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road18PoemThe Ballad of Jake and Ten-Ton MollieMike AgrinoffMike Agrinoff43:55:0052:20:008:25
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road19PoemPrelude to Bar-room BalladsRobert ServiceUtah Phillips52:20:0054:05:001:45
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road20SongShe'll Never Be MineUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips54:05:0056:10:002:05
LG 4-94 Songs Heard on the Road21Poem"If time stood still..."???Utah Phillips56:50:0057:05:000:15
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 4-95 Dignity Village1Song / PoemHome Sweet Home / "If I could rhyme one more time"John Howard Payne / D. D. WinepressNancy Spencer/ Utah Phillips0:302:001:30
LG 4-95 Dignity Village2CommentDancersUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips4:205:351:15
LG 4-95 Dignity Village3Song / PoemBums in the Park / MagBob Snider / Carl SandburgBob Snider / Utah Phillips5:359:203:45
LG 4-95 Dignity Village4StorySisters of the Road CafeUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips9:2012:303:10
LG 4-95 Dignity Village5SongSisters of the RoadCasey NelsonCasey Nelson12:3016:454:15
LG 4-95 Dignity Village6StoryDignity VillageUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips16:4520:003:15
LG 4-95 Dignity Village7SongDignity VillageUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips20:0021:451:45
LG 4-95 Dignity Village8StoryThe Last Resort: Scenes from a Transient Hotel Aggie Max (Utah Phillips)Utah Phillips21:4524:40:002:55
LG 4-95 Dignity Village9SongTamburitza LinguaAni DifrancoAni Difranco24:40:0029:00:004:20
LG 4-95 Dignity Village10Station BreakKenny Hall29:00:0031:00:002:00
LG 4-95 Dignity Village11StoryPeter Maurin and the Catholic WorkersUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips31:00:0032:50:001:50
LG 4-95 Dignity Village12StoryThe Man on the 3rd Avenue ElDorothy DayUtah Phillips32:50:0035:30:002:40
LG 4-95 Dignity Village13SongFacing Down the NightLoudon Wainwright IIILoudon Wainwright III35:30:0039:40:004:10
LG 4-95 Dignity Village14StoryPatrick DoddUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips39:40:0040:55:001:15
LG 4-95 Dignity Village15Song"What in the world would I do about you?"Patrick DoddPatrick Dodd40:55:0045:00:004:05
LG 4-95 Dignity Village16Song"He used to say..."Patrick DoddPatrick Dodd45:00:0049:00:004:00
LG 4-95 Dignity Village17Song"I Can't Stand This Anymore"Patrick DoddPatrick Dodd49:00:0052:20:003:20
LG 4-95 Dignity Village18SongI Dreamed of a Home??????52:20:0056:20:004:00
LG 4-95 Dignity Village19PoemWhat Everybody NeedsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips55:30:0056:35:001:05
LG 4-95 Dignity Village20Poem"I think that the greatest danger is..."AnonymousUtah Phillips57:10:0057:30:000:20
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 4-96 U. U. P. & Rosalie Alive1PoemStern TimesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips0:451:150:30
LG 4-96 U. U. P. & Rosalie Alive2StoryLearning by TouringUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:504:251:35
LG 4-96 U. U. P. & Rosalie Alive3SpecialUtah and Rosalie in Santa CruzUtah Phillips & Rosaile SorrelsUtah Phillips & Rosalie Sorrels4:256:101:45
LG 4-96 U. U. P. & Rosalie Alive4SongRailroading on the Great DivideSara CarterUtah Phillips & Rosalie Sorrels6:1019:0012:50
LG 4-96 U. U. P. & Rosalie Alive5StoryThe Squats of Santa CruzUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips19:0021:402:40
LG 4-96 U. U. P. & Rosalie Alive6SongHomeCathy Fink & Marcie MarxerCathy Fink and Marcie Marxer21:4025:00:003:20
LG 4-96 U. U. P. & Rosalie Alive7StoryBroke Toe RezoUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips25:00:0026:20:001:20
LG 4-96 U. U. P. & Rosalie Alive8SongThe Secret Heart of All DesireBroke Toe RezoBroke Toe Rezo26:20:0030:05:003:45
LG 4-96 U. U. P. & Rosalie Alive9Station BreakThe Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall30:05:0032:00:001:55
LG 4-96 U. U. P. & Rosalie Alive10StoryTom ScribnerUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips32:00:0041:55:009:55
LG 4-96 U. U. P. & Rosalie Alive11SongDump the Bosses off your BackJohn Brill (Joseph Scriven)Utah Phillips41:15:0042:35:001:20
LG 4-96 U. U. P. & Rosalie Alive12StoryHow Tom Rejoined the IWWUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips42:35:0044:35:002:00
LG 4-96 U. U. P. & Rosalie Alive13SongWhisperingVincent Rose, John Schonberger, Richard CoburnTom Scribner and Arlene's Serenaders44:35:0046:15:001:40
LG 4-96 U. U. P. & Rosalie Alive14CommentThis Is Our JobUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips46:15:0047:40:001:25
LG 4-96 U. U. P. & Rosalie Alive15SongTalking Atomic BluesVern PartlowRosalie Sorrels47:40:0052:40:005:00
LG 4-96 U. U. P. & Rosalie Alive16SongThe Boardwalk and the Carousel MedleySanta Cruz Beach BoardwalkUtah Phillips52:40:0055:40:003:00
LG 4-96 U. U. P. & Rosalie Alive17Poem"I do not live in an age of information"Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips56:15:0056:55:000:40
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement1Poem" And he said, 'Go forth...'"1 Kings 19:11-33Utah Phillips0:251:000:35
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement2StoryAlice HamburgUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:104:051:55
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement3CommentThe Tactic of Non-Violence in the Peace MovementUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips4:056:001:55
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement4SongRagaputi TraditionalPete Seeger6:009:003:00
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement5SongMay There Always Be SunshineLev Oshanin / Arkadi OstrovskyPete Seeger9:0010:551:55
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement6CommentTax ResistanceUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips10:5514:403:45
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement7SongThis Little Light of MineHarry Dixon LoesFred Holstein14:4017:202:40
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement8CommentSmall WaysUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips17:2020:353:15
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement9SongChickens For PeacePeter AlsopPeter Alsop20:3523:252:50
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement10CommentWomen Know More: Young Male ViolenceUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips23:2525:40:002:15
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement11SongDancing at WhitsunJohn Austin MarshallPriscilla Herdman25:40:0029:30:003:50
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement12CommentTaking it to the SchoolsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips29:30:0031:45:002:15
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement13SongWhat Did You Learn In School Today?Tom PaxtonTom Paxton31:45:0033:50:002:05
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement14Station BreakThe Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall33:50:0036:00:002:10
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement15CommentSam Bowles: Do your own pollUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips36:00:0039:10:003:10
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement16SongThe Cry of the MorningLeon RosselsonRebel Voices39:10:0043:50:004:40
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement17CommentPeace Camps and Public DiscourseUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips43:50:0045:35:001:45
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement18SongCarry Greenham HomePeggy SeegerPeggy Seeger45:35:0048:45:003:10
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement19CommentFunding Community ConcernsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips48:45:0049:45:001:00
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement20SongWalk In PeaceLord InvaderLord Invader49:45:0050:55:001:10
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement21CommentDirect ActionUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips50:55:0052:10:001:15
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement22SongA Korea Memorial SongOglala Sioux SingersOglala Sioux Singers52:10:0053:35:001:25
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement23CommentProactive, not ReactiveUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips53:35:0054:50:001:15
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement24SongWhen the Lights Go On Again All Over the WorldVaughn MonroeVaughn Monroe54:50:0056:05:001:15
LG 4-97 Future of the Peace Movement25Poemfrom "September 1, 1939"W. H. Auden Utah Phillips56:40:0057:25:000:45
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited1Poem"My life's wave is at its crest"Wendell BerryUtah Phillips0:401:050:25
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited2SongStick 'Em Up!Bruce BrackneyUtah Phillips2:152:350:20
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited3StoryPhilo RecordsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips3:007:504:50
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited4SongI'll Rise When the Rooster CrowsBinkley Brothers Dixie ClodhoppersJay Ungar, Lynn Hardy7:5011:053:45
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited5StoryThe Duncans and IonaUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips11:0514:353:30
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited6SongHad I the WyteRobert BurnsJean Redpath14:3516:552:40
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited7StoryCeltic MusicUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips16:5520:203:25
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited8SongThe Lament for LimerickTraditionalBoys of the Lough20:2024:05:003:45
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited9StoryCountry Music for BritsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips24:05:0027:00:002:55
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited10SongGoodbye to my StepstoneUnknownJane Voss27:00:0030:20:003:20
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited11Station BreakThe Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall30:20:0032:30:002:10
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited12StoryVirginia Brown and Sheila "Baby" HooverUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips32:30:0035:40:003:10
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited13SongThe Royal TelephoneFrederick M. LehmanVirginia Brown and Baby Hoover35:40:0038:00:002:20
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited14StoryWildflowersUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips38:00:0041:35:003:35
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited15SongLady Be GoodGeorge GershwinPapa John Kolstad, Wild Man Mike Turk41:35:0044:20:002:45
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited16StoryWhat is a Folksinger?Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips44:20:0047:15:002:55
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited17SongStreets of LondonRalph McTellFred Holstein47:15:0051:35:004:20
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited18Song??????Madame Laboljuque???51:35:0055:00:003:25
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited19SongSandy???Kenny Hall55:00:0056:05:001:05
LG 4-98 Old Friends Philo Revisited20PoemA MeetingWendell BerryUtah Phillips56:45:0057:15:000:30
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook1PoemEarth VerseGary SnyderUtah Phillips0:300:450:15
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook2CommentMy SongbookUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:254:252:00
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook3CommentSongbook IntroductionUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips4:259:204:55
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook4SongDaddy, What's a Train?Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips9:2012:302:50
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook5StoryThe Old WomenUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips12:3014:001:30
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook6SongThe Goodnight-Loving TrailUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips14:0017:103:10
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook7StoryKids' LiberationUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips17:1020:052:55
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook8StoryBeing on the MoveUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips20:0521:301:25
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook9SongStarlight on the RailsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips21:3024:55:003:25
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook10StoryWeepyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips24:55:0026:50:001:55
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook11SongWeepy Doesn't KnowUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips26:50:0029:15:002:25
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook12Station BreakThe Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall29:15:0031:55:002:40
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook13StoryTeddyUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips31:55:0033:10:001:15
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook14SongFrisco RoadUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips33:10:0037:05:003:55
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook15StoryGordon ValesUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips37:05:0038:40:001:35
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook16SongThe Shadow MakerUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips38:40:0040:30:001:50
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook17StorySad SongsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips40:30:0043:40:003:10
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook18SongMiner's LullabyUtah Phillips, Jody Stecher, Kate BrislinJody Stecher, Kate Brislin43:40:0048:00:004:20
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook19StoryBoomersUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips48:00:0049:20:001:20
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook20SongShe'll Never Be MineUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips49:20:0051:20:002:00
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook21StoryMy Two Great DreamsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips51:20:0053:40:002:20
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook22PoemIn the DesertStephen CraneUtah Phillips55:45:0056:15:000:30
LG 4-99 Utah's Songbook23SongIf I Could Be the RainUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips53:40:0054:55:001:15
Program #Track #Track TypeTrack TitleAuthor/OriginPerformerStartEndRun
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter1PoemThe River of LifeRobin JernbergUtah Phillips0:401:150:35
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter2CommentThe 100th Loafer's Glory ProgramUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips2:505:002:10
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter3CommentWhat I Can Do on RadioUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips5:008:053:05
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter4SongFreiheit: Die Thaelmann KolonneKarl Ernst, Peter DanielEddie Belchowski8:0511:402:35
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter5StoryThings People Send MeUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips11:4013:001:20
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter6SongOut of Our PocketsUnknownBob Fitch 13:0016:503:50
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter7StoryThere are still trampsUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips16:5019:402:50
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter8SongThe Hobo and the MountieMontana Slim (Wilf Carter)Montana Slim (Wilf Carter)19:4022:453:05
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter9StorySpoken WordUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips22:4524:40:001:55
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter10PoemCasey at the BatErnest Lawrence ThayerDeWitt Hopper24:40:0029:25:004:45
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter11Station BreakThe Happy Neighbor ClubKenny Hall29:25:0031:15:001:50
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter12StoryIt's up to the eldersUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips31:15:0033:15:002:00
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter13PoemThe Stolen ChildW. B. YeatsSiobhan McKenna33:15:0036:25:003:10
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter14StoryThe Young Writers ProjectUtah PhillipsUtah Phillips36:25:0040:50:004:25
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter15SongChickens for PeacePeter AlsopPeter Alsop40:50:0042:45:001:55
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter16SongKids On StrikeJohn McCutcheonJohn McCutcheon42:45:0045:25:002:40
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter17SongThe Great Fast Food StrikeDeborah Van KleefDeborah Van Kleef45:25:0049:45:004:20
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter18SongThe InternationalEugene Pottier (Tr. Charles H. Kerr)Len Wallace49:25:0054:05:004:40
LG4-100 Pick of the Litter19Poem"I will not grow into a sad old Red"Utah PhillipsUtah Phillips54:45:0055:20:000:35