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Posted By: GUEST,Guest
24-Sep-11 - 12:48 PM
Thread Name: the hiccup song
Subject: RE: the hiccup song
Sung to the tune of the Blue Danube Waltz:

The hiccups I've got, "hic hic, hic hic"
Annoy me a lot, "hic hic, hic hic"
Can't get them to stop, "hic hic, hic hic"
It must be a plot, "hic hic, hic hic"
Try holding your breath, "uuugh"
or being frightened to death, "bo... ahhh!"
The hiccups go on, like a song
look out here they come again.
I don't mind a burp, "burp"
or a slushy slurp, "slurp"
Don't mind sighing, "ahhh"
Even crying, "waaa"
Or the snores of a boar
let me say once more
that a hiccup picks you up and puts you on the floor
My pants receive a rip, "rip"
And I sneeze so hard I slip, "achooo"
I can still recall a kiss, "muahhh"
but a hiccup is just the noise I know i'll never miss.