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24-Sep-11 - 10:17 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/ADD: Winter / When the Trees Are All Bare
The original poem appears in The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 14 (1744), p.46 (Jan.), with the title "Winter. A pastoral Ballad."

Most of Thomas Brerewood's poems appeared in this magazine; it likely represents their place of first publication. Brerewood published companion poems in the same magazine: later in 1744, "Autumn" appeared, and in 1746, "Spring" and "Summer." The four can be found printed together in several collections, the series headed by "Spring".

Brerewood's original poem lacked the eighth stanza which Jim Dixon found in The Choice Spirit's Chaplet; this may have been added because Mr. Lockhart's tune pairs the quatrains, without indicating how to handle their odd number. Elsewhere, the song was published omitting the middle stanza about the girl accidentally showing her "charms" when she trips--this might have been considered a trifle lewd for genteel audiences of later times.

Here's an ABC transcription prepared from Joseph Ritson's A Select Collection of English Songs, Volume 3 (1783). It's the earliest setting or tune mention I've found, though the poem was explicitly labelled a "song" by 1771.

T:When the Trees Are All Bare
C:Text by Thomas Brerewood, by 1744
C:Music by Mr. Lockhart, by 1783
S:A Select Collection of English Songs, Volume 3; Joseph Ritson, 1783.
S:"Song LIV.--When the trees are all bare, not a leaf to be seen. Brerewood.
S:Set by mr. Lockhart."
H:The poem itself appeared in The Gentleman's Magazine in 1744 with the title
H:"Winter. A pastoral Ballad.";
%%writehistory 1
Q:1/4=104 " All[egr]o. Mod[erat]o."
E> F | G2 A B c2 d e | (dB) G F (FE) c B | (AB) c d (ef/g/) f e |
w: When the trees are all bare, not a leaf* to be seen,* And the mea-*dows their beau---ty have
(ed) z2z2 (de) | (fc) c d (eB) B c | (eA) B c (cB) A G |
w: lost;* When* na--ture's dis-rob'd* of her man-*tle of green,* And the
(d>e) d c (BG) (B/A/) (G/^F/) | G2 z2z2 B c | (dB) A G c2 d e |
w: stream* are fast bound* by* the* frost: While the pea-*sant, in-ac-tive, stands
(ed) c B c2 (BA) | e2 d c (BA) G F | E2 z2 z2 E F |
w: shiv'*ring with cold, As* bleak the winds north-*er-ly blow; And the
G E E2 (FG) A B | (dc) B A (AG) c B | A2 B c (de/f/) f e |
w: in-no-cent flocks* run for ease* to the fold,* With their fleec-es be-sprin---kled with
(e2d2) z2 d e | (~fe) f e (dc) d c | (BA) G F (FE) c B |
w: snow:* And the in--no-cent flocks* run for ease* to the fold,* With their
(AB/c/) G a (ge) (g/f/) (e/d/) | c6 ||
w: fleec---es be-sprin--kled* with* snow.
%%vskip .5in
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